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since 1971
PiT was born as the first glue stick in Japan.

The first lipstick-type applicator glue in Japan

Born in 1971, the first lipstick-type solid glue in Japan.
The name is derived from a Japanese onomatopoeia (a word that represents a sound) and is synonymous with convenience in applying and gluing. This glue stick immediately became popular as it allowed much cleaner gluing compared to starch pastes which were the primary adhesive at that time. The affordable price of 100 yen per stick also contributed to its popularity.

Different types of glue such as glue sticks, liquid glue, and glue tapes have been introduced to be used for different purposes. PiT has been popular for its easy and clean gluing performance and continues to evolve.


The first model of PiT


Learn about the PiT collection that evolved with the times!

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History of PiT
The current PiT collection
PiT has become a general brand for “gluing” including glue sticks, liquid glue, and glue tapes.
They have been used for a wide range of purposes such as for office work, educational and hobbies.


2021 Red Dot Award

2020 iF Design Award

2019 Good Design Award

2015 iF Design Award

PiT Glue stick

2012 Long Life Design Award of Good Design Award


2012 Good Design Award

2012 Red Dot Award


2006 Good Design Award

PiT tape S

2001 Good Design Award

1997 Good Design Award

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