New Graduates

Recruitment of 2021 New Graduates

Recruitment has been updated.Information on open seminars is available at “New Graduate Recruitment Site”. We look forward to your application.(December 1st,2019)

New Graduate Recruitment site

Mid-career recruitment

  • Position

    Part-time employee

  • Job Description

    ① Manufacturing ② Warehousing ③ Packaging ④ General affairs ⑤ Forklift work ⑥ Custom printing

  • Working hours

    ① 8:20-16:50(negotiable) ②③④⑤⑥8:30-17:00(negotiable)

  • Location

    Manufacturing & Development Center (Shinjyo-city, Aich Prefecture
  • Working Conditions

    Specified by our company’s regulations

Inquiry of mid-career recruitment
General Affairs of Production Development Center, Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd.
68-2 Kawada ji hongūdō, Shinjōshi, Aichi Prefecture, 441-1347
TEL: 0536-22-1220