New Graduates

Recruitment of 2024 New Graduates

We have started accepting entries from Mynavi.
We look forward to your application. (March 1st., 2023)

New Graduate Recruitment site

Mid-career recruitment

  • Position

    Part-time employee

  • Job Description

    ① Manufacturing ② Warehousing ③ Packaging ④ General affairs ⑤ Forklift work ⑥ Custom printing

  • Working hours

    ① 8:20-16:50(negotiable) ②③④⑤⑥8:30-17:00(negotiable)

  • Location

    Manufacturing & Development Center (Shinjyo-city, Aich Prefecture
  • Working Conditions

    Specified by our company’s regulations

Inquiry of mid-career recruitment
General Affairs of Production Development Center, Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd.
68-2 Kawada ji hongūdō, Shinjōshi, Aichi Prefecture, 441-1347
TEL: 0536-22-1220