Glue Tapes

Strong adhesion with a single strip & easy to aim at the area you want to glue.

The "Power Tape" is strongly adhesive from the moment it is applied. The newly developed "Pita System" enables precise gluing on the aimed area.
The adhesion of the tape is strong enough to glue thick envelopes and keeps important documents safe! This glue tape is perfect for closing envelopes in offices.

Product Features

  • Fast and strong Power Tape

    1.5times thicker and about 20% stronger! (Compared to our previous products)
    It can glue thick paper fast and securely.
    The special fine particles allow the tape to be cut easily.

  • Newly developed "Pita System"

    The system places the glue on the tip at each use, enabling precise gluing on aimed areas.
    ①The body sinks as pressure is applied and ②the gear rotates. ③When the head is lifted from the paper surface, ④the gear returns to its original position and ⑤the tape advances.

  • Refillable

    You can refill the case with a new tape. The weight of waste produced in tape replacement has been reduced by about 40% (compared to our previous products) for a more environmentally friendly specification.

  • Curve fit body

    The dent of the curve-fit-body fits the fingers and makes it easy to hold. You can process a large volume of gluing efficiently without getting tired.

  • Safety lock mechanism

    The mechanism ensures smooth and stable application of the tape. It prevents the case from disassembling if accidentally dropped.


    The acid-free tape prevents discoloration due to oxidation of the glue itself as well as oxidation of glued areas.

  • Green Tombow products

    70% or more of the plastic mass of product (excluding tape) is recycled plastic.

    · Eco Mark certified product
    · Conformance to the Act on Promoting Green Purchasing(applicator body)
    · Posted on the GPN Eco-products Database(applicator body)

    Where to use

  • To stick the envelope

    You can quickly and firmly seal large-sized and thick envelopes with resilience.

  • To stick the receipt

    You can perfectly paste the end of the receipt.

  • Tp stick the scrap paper

    You can firmly stick the surface of coated photo paper.

  • To stick the newspaper

    You can bond various types of paper, such as clippings of magazines and newspaper.

  • How to use

  • STEP1

    ① Open the head cover.

  • STEP2

    ② Hold the tip firmly where you want to stick, and pull slowly to transfer the tape paste.

  • STEP3

    ③ Stop at the position where you want to finish the paste, and lift it diagonally to break the tape paste.

  • STEP4

    ④ Push strongly from the top when the bonding is completed.

  • つめ替え方法

  • STEP1

    ① Open the head cover with the body facing backwards and remove the lock in the direction of "OPEN".

  • STEP2

    ② Open the case with the tape in face of you and take out the used tape.

  • STEP3

    ③ Insert the replacement tape, close the case and turn the tape case back and lock it.


  • Glue
  • Replacement cartridge
  • PN-IP

462 yen (excluding tax 420 yen) 8.4mm tape width 16m length

  • PR-IP

330 yen (excluding tax 300 yen) 8.4mm tape width 16m length

Environmental information


Product name Serial number Green Tombow Product Ratio of recycled materials under Eco Mark standard Certified Number of Eco Mark Ratio of recycled materials
under Promoting Green Procurement standard
Posted on the GPN Eco-products Database Main Eco materials
PiT Power D (Standard) PN-IP More than 70% recycled plastic No.16112036 More than 40% recycled plastic Recycled plastic
PiT Power D Refillable replacement PR-IP More than 70% recycled plastic No.16112037 Recycled plastic




  • 2015

    iF Design Award

Precaution for Use

· Avoid using the tape along a curve or serpentine course to prevent the tape from coming off.
· Place the lid to protect the glue from dust when storing.
· Avoid exposure to high temperature and humidity, rapid temperature change, and direct sunlight.
· Wipe off dirt, moisture, and oil in the area to be glued to avoid reducing adhesion.
· Use the glue at room temperature ranging from 15 °C to 35 °C. Adhesion may be reduced at temperatures lower than 15 °C.
· Certain types of papers may tear and be caught on the glue if the tape is pulled rapidly. It is recommended to test the glue beforehand, especially when it is used on important items.
·The tape may not adhere to the paper printed using certain types of copying machines and printers.
· Replace the main body with a new one after refilling about ten times to prevent the tape from sagging.
· Keep it out of the reach of small children.
· Do not use it for purposes other than gluing materials together.

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