The world of Tombow

In the process of thinking and giving it a shape, stationery is always in presence.
Being so close to us, yet few are we conscious of the world of stationery that is spreading by our side.
The more we get to know about it, the more amazed we would be by its diversity and history.
Come and experience the affection, joy, and time that Tombow has devoted to stationery for more than 100 years.

To see, learn, and enjoy the world of Tombow, we have prepared three doors for you. Which one do you want to knock first?

the possibility of stationery

Possibility of stationery, moments of creation, and the connection between stationery and people…
Enjoy the world of Tombow.

Pencil drawing of Souseki Natsume

Shinichi Furuya, famous for his pencil drawing, used Tombow’s MONO 100 to draw Soseki Natsume, the great writer of the Meiji and Taisho periods.

The masterpiece looks like a photograph. You can see the whole drawing process in the time-lapse video.

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Live drawing of LION

A live drawing appealing to the possibility of pencils by the rising painting artist Kosuke Yamawaki uses Tombow’s MONO 100, MONO Eraser, and MONO Knock.

The work represents stationery as creative tools for free thinking which everyone can enjoy.

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Pencils – by the side of free thinking

“Pencils give business more freedom.” The Dream Business Plan, a short film developed by pencils, illustrates the unique power of stationery to free our mind to be more creative.
Watch this special movie presenting pencils as creative and fun tools.

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