Black Lead Pencils

Pencils of normal size without character prints for children to enjoy colorful designs.

The ippo! pencils do not have character prints and are suitable for schools with specific rules for writing instruments to be used. Children will enjoy the colorful designs and keep using them for a long time without getting bored of them.
Available in the graphite scales of HB, B, 2B, 4B, and 6B.

Product Features

  • Plain

    A simple and plain color design. The colorful and stylish design makes the pencils perfect for schools and as gifts.

  • Print

    Pencils with cheerful and colorful patterns. They are designed in response to our customers' request for fancy pencils to replace the ones with character prints.

  • Natural

    A gentle design to enhance the texture of wood. The pencils feel warm like wooden blocks.


  • Kakikata pencil
  • Kakikata pencil HB
  • Graphite scale: B
  • Graphite scale: 2B
  • Graphite scale: 4B
  • Graphite scale: 6B
  • KB-KPM04-B

  • KB-KPW04-B

  • KB-KPN04-B

  • KB-KRM04-B

  • KB-KRW04-B

  • KB-KNN04-B

660 yen (excluding tax 600 yen) 12 pencils per case

  • KB-KPM04-2B

  • KB-KPW04-2B

  • KB-KPN04-2B

  • KB-KRM04-2B

  • KB-KRW04-2B

  • KB-KNN04-2B

660 yen (excluding tax 600 yen) 12 pencils per case

  • KB-KPM04-4B

  • KB-KPW04-4B

  • KB-KPN04-4B

660 yen (excluding tax 600 yen) 12 pencils per case

  • KB-KPM04-6B

  • KB-KPW04-6B

  • KB-KPN04-6B

660 yen (excluding tax 600 yen) 12 pencils per case

  • GB-KNN04

660 yen (excluding tax 600 yen) 12 pencils per case


Precaution for Use

· Do not use it for purposes other than writing.

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