Black Lead Pencils

Slightly shorter pencils for lower grades of elementary school.

The pencils are designed to respond to the concerns of parents
that new pencils seem too long and difficult for their small children to write with and that they may hurt their faces.
They are 15mm shorter than normal pencils, which is a perfect size for early elementary school children.

Product Features

  • Short (161mm) pencils

    These 161mm pencils are 15mm shorter than normal pencils and perfect for early elementary school children.

  • Rounded corners

    The corners of the pencil casings are rounded.

  • Red pencil

    The set includes a red pencil, which children need when starting school.

  • Triangular pencils

    The triangular casing has wide sides and makes it easy to hold. It is an ideal shape for children starting to learn to write with a pencil.


  • Graphite scale: 2B
  • MP-SEPM04-2B

  • MP-SEPW04-2B

  • MP-SENN04-2B

792 yen (excluding tax 720 yen)
Hardness 2B
12 pencils per case (11 easy writing pencils・Triangule, 1 red pencil・Hexagon)



  • 2010

    Kids Design Award

Precaution for Use

· Do not use it for purposes other than writing.

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