Black Lead Pencils

Easy to hold and write. Anti-slip pencil with holding guide

This is a pencil with that can be held firmly in the hands of children thanks to special anti-slip treatment. In addition, there is a unique grip guide to ensure correct finger placement.
This promotes quick learning of the correct way to grip a pencil to prevent writing fatigue.

Product Features

  • Anti-slip Surface Treatment

    Micro particles create small surface imperfections to prevent finger slippage, even with sweaty fingers. The pencil can be held firmly for accurate writing .

  • Grip Guide Ensures Proper Grip

    A grip guide is printed on the pencil. Adjust finger position according to the grip guide to ensure the proper grip.

  • Triangular & hexagonal Body Types

    Choose from two types: easy-to-hold triangular body or standard hexagonal body.

  • 2B and 4B

    Both 2B and 4B hardness that are easy for younger children to handle.

  • Bark Body

    Popular bark body that can be used by both boys and girls.

  • Name Record Space

    Dedicated space for a name

    Grip guide

  • (1) Place your index finger on a ● that is 1cm above the sharpened area.

  • (2) Place your thumb on the same color ● that is two sides away, slightly behind the index finger; skip one side for hexagonal pencils; on the adjacent side for triangular pencils.

  • * When using the left hand
    Place your thumb on the ● in a different color slightly behind the index finger.

  • (3) Hold the pencil in an upright positioned just touching your index finger. Write with the correct posture; your pencil at a 60 degree angle to the paper and your back straight.
    * Keep the pencil away from the index finger.
    * Be careful not to apply too much force to your index finger.


  • Triangular type
  • Hexagonal type
  • Hardness 2B
  • Hardness 4B

12 pencils 924 yen (excluding tax 840 yen)

12 pencils 924 yen (excluding tax 840 yen)

  • Hardness 2B
  • Hardness 4B
  • 12 pencils
    924yen (excluding tax 840 yen)

  • 12 pencils
    924 yen (excluding tax 840 yen)

  • 2 pencils
    154 yen (excluding tax 140 yen)

  • 12 pencils
    924 yen (excluding tax 840 yen)

  • 2 pencils
    154 yen (excluding tax 140 yen)


  • 2020



Precaution for Use


Do not use for purposes other than writing.

Take care when handling the lead.

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