Colored Pencils

A colored pencil set in an easy-to-open slide-type metal case

The colored pencils are in an easy-to-open-and-use slide-type metal case.
The case is designed to respond to the complaints of parents about the original metal case
that the case is too hard to open, the colored pencils fall out when the case is opened, and it would be better if it could be used more widely.
The slide-type metal case of "ippo! Colored Pencils" is easy for small children to open. Sets of 12 colors and 24 colors are available.

Product Features

  • Slide case

    The slide-type metal case is easy to open without much strength. The colored pencils will not fall out of the case when opened.

  • Removable compact lid

    The case can be placed on top of the lid and takes up little space on the small school desk.

  • Color markings on the case

    The color markings on the case make it easy to place the pencils back in the case and spot missing colors.

  • Big name space

    The casings of the colored pencils have a big name space.


  • Set of 12 colors
  • Set of 24 colors
  • CL-RPM0412C

  • CL-RPW0412C

  • CL-RPN0412C

  • CL-RRM0412C

  • CL-RRW0412C

  • CL-RNAN0412C

1,012 yen (excluding tax 920 yen) Cylindrical pencil

  • CL-RPM0424C

  • CL-RPW0424C

  • CL-RNAN0424C

2,024 yen (excluding tax 1,840 yen) Cylindrical pencil



  • 2010

    Good Design Award / Kids Design Award

Precaution for Use

· Be careful handling the pencils when they are sharpened.
· Do not use it for purposes other than writing and drawing.
· When sharpening a pencil, avoid pushing it hard against the sharpener or making the tip too sharp to prevent the core from breaking.

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