Glue Sticks

Refillable type of Disappearing Color PiT for refilling without a mess.

The blue color makes it easier to see the glued area and disappears when dry. A refillable type of "Color Disappearing PiT" is now available. The color of Disappearing Color PiT ensures even and clean gluing, preventing insufficiency and excess! The refillable type makes this glue stick even more economically.

Product Features

  • The color makes glued areas visible

    The blue color ensures even and clean gluing without excess. The glue becomes colorless when dry.

  • Fin-shaped glue holder

    The fin-shaped glue holder reduces the remaining amount of glue.

  • Easily refillable

    You can refill the glue without touching it and getting your hands sticky.

  • Green Tombow products

    70% or more of the plastic mass of product (applicator body:excluding refill, PR-NCR:excluding glue) is recycled plastic.

    · Eco Mark certified product
    · Conformance to the Act on Promoting Green Purchasing(applicator body)
    · Posted on the GPN Eco-products Database (applicator body)

  • STEP 1

    ⒶTake the cap Ⓒ and turn the knob (Ⓑ) to feed the yellow paste to the end. Press the two points Ⓑ while taking it out.

  • STEP 2

    Combine and fit in the square Ⓓ and the square of Ⓔ.

  • STEP 3

    Turn the knob Ⓒ and pull the glue into the body.


  • Glue
  • Replacement glue
  • PT-NCR
    Volume: 20g

275 yen (excluding tax 250 yen)

  • PR-NCR
    Volume: 20g

198 yen (excluding tax 180 yen)

Environmental information


Product name Serial number Green Tombow Product Ratio of recycled materials under Eco Mark standard Certified Number of Eco Mark Ratio of recycled materials
under Promoting Green Procurement standard
Posted on the GPN Eco-products Database Main Eco materials
Refillable Kieiro PiT PT-NCR More than 70% recycled plastic No.17112030 More than 40% recycled plastic Recycled plastic
Refillable Kieiro PiT NCR PR-NCR More than 70% recycled plastic No.17112030 More than 40% recycled plastic Recycled plastic



Precaution for Use

· Place back the lid every time after use.
· Avoid mistake it with food. Do not put it in the mouth.
· Keep it out of the reach of small children.
· Do not use it for purposes other than gluing materials together.

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