Oil-based Marking Pens

Smudge-proof and water- and detergent-resistant twin-tipped oil-based ink marker specially designed for writing names on various materials including plastic.

A marker pen designed for writing names on a wide range of materials from small stationery items to materials with a large surface area,
such as book covers and bibs as well as cloth and plastic. A handy twin-tipped pen with fine and ultra-fine tips.

Product Features

  • Outstanding writing performance on cloth

    Equipped with proprietary high viscosity ink.
    When painted on cloth, it is less likely to bleed than regular oil-based marking pens, and has excellent washing resistance.

  • Quick-drying ink

    You can write fast for the writing line is hard to bleed and hard to stain the hands and surroundings.

  • Suitable for all writing materials

    Easy to write on paper, cloth, plastics, wood, paint film, rubber, resin, glass and so on,
    it is a strong partner for most learning and daily necessities.

  • Twin type

    Two thin types provided in one pen: 0.8mm and 0.4mm.


  • MCA-111

165 yen (excluding tax 150 yen) 
Thick: 0.8mm line width / Thin: 0.4mm line width


Precaution for Use

· When the fabric on which the pen is used is placed on/under other materials while wet, it may stain them.
· The ink may bleed or fade on certain types of fabric.
· The ink may fade if the fabric is dry-cleaned or washed many times.
· Keep this product away from fire.
· Do not use it for purposes other than writing and drawing.
· Put the cap back after every use.
· The ink may leak or spill out if shaken hard, dropped, or given a strong shock.
· Ventilate the room well when using over a prolonged period.
· Keep it out of the reach of small children.

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