Water-based Marking Pens

Available in 36 vivid colors to suit your mood every time. Double tip water-based markers.

Tombow's long-seller from markers category "PLAY COLOR 2."
A useful double tip water-based marker pens featuring fine and bold tip.
Available in 36 colors for creating colorful pages in notebooks and planners as well as writing letters and notes ♪

Product Features

  • Double tip marker

    A double-tip pen with a bold and fine tip.

  • Special plastic tip

    Durable fine tip allowing drawing extra thin 0.4mm lines.

  • Special polyester fiber tips

    The 1.2mm thick tip is ideal for drawing illustrations and coloring.

  • Available in 36 colors

    The 36 colors range with rich selection of pink shades. Enjoy choosing colors according to your mood.


  • Individual item
  • Set
  • WS-TP□□ (color code)

110 yen (excluding tax 100 yen) Water-based dye ink

  • GCB-611
    660 yen (excluding tax 600 yen)

  • GCB-011
    1,320 yen (excluding tax 1,200 yen)

  • GCB-012
    2,640 yen (excluding tax 2,400 yen)

  • GCB-013
    3,960 yen (excluding tax 3,600 yen)


Precaution for Use

· Put the cap back after every use.
· The ink may leak or spill if shaken hard, dropped, or given a strong shock.
· Be careful that the ink may be hard to take off on clothes.
· Keep it out of the reach of small children.
· Do not use it for purposes other than writing and drawing.

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