Colored Pencils

Derived from NQ Series
with colored pencils in a roll-up case.

A set of colored pencils in a compact and light roll-up case.
Ideal for drawing while traveling and hiking as well as for taking to cultural centers. Sets of 24 colors and 36 colors are available.

Product Features

  • Come in a roll-up case

    A set of colored pencils in a compact and light roll-up case. The case is half the weight of the can and easy to carry around.

  • High-quality color cores

    The high-quality cores ensure vivid coloring and excellent adhesion to paper with a smooth touch.
    *Use "Colored Pencils 1500" for replenishment.

  • Lineup

    Sets of 24 colors and 36 colors are available.

  • Roll-up case information ①

    The upper rolled-up part protects the pencil tips.

  • Roll-up case information ②

    The case has spare pockets for 6 pencils.

  • Roll-up case information ③

    The attached rubber band can hold items such as erasers and sharpeners used for drawing.


  • Set of 36 colors
  • Set of 24 colors
  • CR-NQ36C

3,476 yen (excluding tax 3,160 yen) Cylindrical pencil

  • CR-NQ24C

2,464 yen (excluding tax 2,240 yen) Cylindrical pencil


Precaution for Use

· When sharpening a pencil using a mini sharpener, avoid pushing it hard against the sharpener or making the tip too sharp to prevent the core from breaking.
· Do not pull hard, put the pencils forcedly, or store sharp objects in the case to avoid breakage.
· The stored materials may fall out depending on how the case is rolled up and materials are stored.
· The case may be discolored or stain other materials due to water, sweat, or friction.
· Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, high temperature, and high humidity when using and storing the pencils.
· Do not wash the case to prevent changes in shape and discoloration.
· Do not use the case for purposes other than storing pencils and colored pencils.
· Be careful handling the pencil when it is sharpened.
· Do not use it for purposes other than writing and drawing.
· Keep it out of the reach of small children.

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