Colored Pencils

Tombow's long-selling colored pencils

Colored Pencils NQ series with high-quality color cores ensuring vivid coloring, excellent adhesion, and smooth drawing.

Product Features

  • High-quality color cores

    Draw smoothly with vivid colors.

  • Lineup

    In total 36 colors.
    Available in four different sets: 36 colors/24 colors/12 colors/mini 12 colors. They can also be purchased in a paperboard box NA or a roll-up cloth case (12 colors/24 colors).

  • Long-selling colored pencils

    The "NQ series" colored pencils features a yellow can case. The same quality and design maintained since they first came to market in the 1970s, and have enjoyed popularity among many users.

  • Roll-up case information ①

    The upper rolled-up part protects the pencil tips.

  • Roll-up case information ②

    The case has spare pockets for 6 pencils.

  • Roll-up case information ③

    The attached rubber band can hold items such as erasers and sharpeners used for drawing.


  • Canned colored pencils NQ
  • 12-color mini colored pencils NQ
  • Colored pencils in paperboard box NA
  • Colored Pencils NQ in Roll-Up Case
  • Individual colored pencils 1500
    (36 colors)
  • Set of 36 colors
  • Set of 24 colors
  • Set of 12 colors
  • Content of colored pencils
  • CB-NQ36C

3,036 yen (excluding tax 2,760 yen) Cylindrical pencil Canned

  • CB-NQ24C

2,024 yen (excluding tax 1,840 yen) Cylindrical pencil Canned

  • CB-NQ12C

1,012 yen (excluding tax 920 yen) Cylindrical pencil Canned

  • BCA-151

737 yen (excluding tax 670 yen) Cylindrical pencil・82mm Canned  Mini sharpener included

  • Set of 24 colors/12 colors
  • CQ-NA24C

  • CQ-NA12C

Set of 24 colors 1,848 yen (excluding tax 1,680 yen) / Set of 12 colors 924 yen (excluding tax 840 yen)
Cylindrical pencil Contained in paperboard box

  • Set of 36 colors
  • Set of 24 colors
  • CR-NQ36C

3,476 yen (excluding tax 3,160 yen) 

  • CR-NQ24C

2,464 yen (excluding tax 2,240 yen) 

  • Serial Number:1500-□□(color code)

924 yen (excluding tax 840 yen) Cylindrical pencil 12 pencils per case


Precaution for Use

· Be careful handling the pencil when it is sharpened.
· Do not use it for purposes other than writing and drawing.
· Do not touch the blade of the mini sharpener to avoid injuries. When sharpening a pencil, avoid pushing it hard against the sharpener or making the tip too sharp to prevent the core from breaking.

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