Multifunctional Pens

Twisted type "Eraser MONO" × multifunction pen

The popular mechanical pencil "MONO graph" now has a multifunction pen.
Featuring black and red ballpoint pens as well as a mechanical pencil with a large twisted "MONO Eraser".

Product Features

  • Multi-function rotary mechanism pen

    Twist the clip to select the icon of the pen with the function you want to use.

  • Featuring MONO eraser

    The pen comes with a large high-quality twisted MONO eraser.

  • Featuring Air Touch Ink

    The pen features the ultra-low-viscosity oil-based ink "Air Touch Ink." It draws dark, vivid, and beautiful lines.

  • Slim barrel

    This sharp-looking slim pen is easy to carry around.

  • 6 different colors

    The barrel is available in MONO color, gold, black and blue.

    How to use

  • How to twist the eraser

    Twist the eraser unit clockwise to propel the eraser.
    *Recommended length of the eraser: 3-4 mm.

  • How to use the mechanical pencil

    Push the end tip with the mechanical pen tip out to advance the lead.

  • How to refill

  • How to refill the mechanical pencil

    ① Remove the tip barrel.
    ② Slowly remove the ink cartridge(s) you want to replace one by one.
    ③ Place the new ink cartridge(s) in the original position.
    ④ Put the tip barrel back on the main barrel.
    *Use BR-CAE to replace ballpoint pen ink cartridges.
    *Do not put more than 3 mechanical pencil leads.

  • How to replace the eraser

    ① The eraser needs to be replaced when it comes off on its own. Use your fingers to remove the used eraser and replace it with a new one.
    ② Place the new eraser and twist the eraser unit counterclockwise to store the eraser.
    *Use ER-MG (eraser for MONO graph) for replacement.

  • Ballpoint pen ink cartridge

    88yen (excluding tax 80 yen)
    BR-CAE33 Black ink

    BR-CAE25 Red ink


  • Body
  • Replacement eraser
  • CPA-161A
    MONO color

  • CPA-161B

  • CPA-161C

  • CPA-161D

660 yen (excluding tax 600 yen)
Including a 0.5mm-diameter ballpoint pen (black/red), a 0.5mm-diameter mechanical pencil and a 5.3mm MONO eraser
Eraser : NON PVC, Phthalate Free

  • ER-MG

110yen (excluding tax 100 yen) 3 erasers per case
Eraser : NON PVC, Phthalate Free


Precaution for Use

· The eraser is extendable as long as the cap can be twisted smoothly. Twisting forcedly may damage the mechanism.
· The eraser may break if extended too much.
· Avoid writing with the pen tip pointing higher than the end. This may cause the ink to leak.
· Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and high temperature when storing.
· Retract the pen tip when carried or not used. Leaving the pen tip extended when not in use may cause stains on clothing and other materials.
· Be careful when handling the pencil as the tip is sharp.
· Keep it out of the reach of small children.
· Do not put the eraser, tip, and other parts in the mouth.
· Do not use it for any other purpose than writing.
· Do not use the eraser for any other purpose than erasing.
· Do not remove the eraser unit.

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