Mechanical Pencils

MONO Graph model with shiny coating and rubber grip.

A new upgraded model of the popular "MONO Graph" series with improved specifications.
Featuring the twist type MONO Eraser with "shake mechanism," which advances the lead by shaking the pencil, and the "shale lock" to prevent accidental advancement of the lead.

Product Features

  • Featuring high-performance MONO eraser

    Featuring the 26mm long famous MONO eraser offering high erasability. Twist to adjust the length of the eraser.

  • Rubber grip

    The soft rubber grip offers comfortable writing and firm grip.

  • Metal clip

    The pencil comes with elegant and strong metal clip.

  • Featuring the "shake mechanism"

    To advance the lead hold the pencil with nib facing down and shake it back and forth.

  • "Shake lock"

    Push up the clip upwards to enable "Shake Lock" to prevent the lead from being extended accidentally.

  • Advancing the lead by the side clip-knock

    Lead can be advanced also by pushing down the clip.

    How to refill

  • Instruction manual

    Pull out the eraser and put leads inside from the end of the barrel. (Recommended refill amount: up to 4 leads)

  • How to replace

  • Instruction manual

    ① The eraser needs to be replaced when it comes off on its own. Use your fingers to remove the used eraser and replace it with a new one.
    ② Place the new eraser and twist the eraser unit counterclockwise to store the eraser.
    *Use ER-MG (eraser for MONO graph) for replacement.


  • Body
  • Replacement eraser
  • Basic colors
  • Grayish colors
  • MONO color

550 yen (excluding tax 500 yen) 0.5mm-diameter lead
Eraser : NON PVC, Phthalate Free

  • Ivory

  • Blue

  • Greige

  • Purple

550 yen (excluding tax 500 yen) 0.5mm-diameter lead
Eraser : NON PVC, Phthalate Free

  • ER-MG

132 yen (excluding tax 120 yen) 3 erasers per case
Eraser : NON PVC, Phthalate Free


Precaution for Use

· The eraser is extendable as long as the cap can be twisted smoothly. Twisting forcedly may damage the mechanism.

· The eraser may break if extended too much.

· Recommended length of the eraser is 3-4 mm.

· If the lead does not advance, use the clip knock to extend the lead before using the shake mechanism.

· When the lock mechanism does not work properly, hold the clip with your fingers to lock it.

· Avoid exposure to high temperature, high humidity, and direct sunlight when storing.

· Refill the pencil with 0.5-mm leads.

· Be careful not to overfill the lead tube when refilling the pencil (recommended amount: up to 3-4 leads).

· Be careful when handling the pencil as the tip is sharp.

· Keep it out of the reach of small children.

· Do not put the eraser, tip, and other parts in the mouth.

· Do not use it for any other purpose than writing.

· Do not use the eraser for any other purpose than erasing.

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