Mechanical Pencils

Writes precisely
Wide field of view, low center of gravity, high rigidity

Monograph fine wide field of view and stable low center of gravity design more reliable erasure.
Fine Writing and Erasing Systems realizes sophisticated "writing" and "erasing". This is a high-class Monograph model.

Product Features

  • Ultra-slim step tapered nib

    Adopts an ultra-slim stepped taper nib to ensure a wide field of view.

  • Integrated base and grip

    Integrated base and grip construction eliminates rattling and shaking.

  • Low center of gravity design

    Low center of gravity design allows for stable writing.

  • Soft feel coating * Metal grip

    Grip is coated with a soft feel coating*1 to provides a high-quality grip.
    * Adopts a functional soft texture coating that eliminates stickiness due to aging.

  • Eraser unit lock mechanism

    Weights inside the mechanism rotate and the eraser unit is locked preventing both the eraser from retracting and accidental knocks to ensuring stable erasing.

  • Easy to erase targeted area

    Retractable MONO eraser makes it easy to adjust the length and has excellent eraser function.
    3.6mm ultra-fine eraser makes it easy to erase targeted area.

  • How to refill leads

    Pull out the eraser unit and replenish the sharp core from the rear of the shaft. (Holds up to 4 standard leads)

  • How to replace the eraser

    (1) When extending eraser if the clasp appears it’s time to replace. Twist eraser unit clockwise then pull out.

    (2) Insert replacement eraser then turn counterclockwise to retract.


  • Mechanical Pencil
  • Replacement eraser
  • 0.5mm lead
  • 0.3mm lead
  • Silver

  • Black

1,210JPY (1,100JPY less tax)

  • Silver

  • Black

1,210JPY (1,100JPY less tax)

  • ER-MGL

110 JPY (100 JPY less tax) / 3 bottles
Eraser: NON PVC, phthalate Free

Precaution for Use

・ Pipe may bend if dropped, etc. This may cause the lead to break or not extend out.
・ Eraser can be extended only within the range of smooth rotation. Rotating with excessive force may damage the mechanism.
・ If over extended the eraser may break.
・ Ideal eraser extension is 2 mm.
・ When replenishing the core, be careful not to overfill it.
・ Do not store in places with high temperature, high humidity and direct sunlight.

・ Be careful as the pipe tip is sharp.
・ Keep out of reach of children.
・ Do not place eraser, pipe tip, etc. in the mouth.
・ Do not use for purposes other than writing.
・ Eraser : Do not use for anything other than erasing on paper.
・ There is a risk of accidental ingestion of the replacement eraser.


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