Black Lead Pencils

Pencil specially designed to mark optical answer sheets

HB pencil with a core of ultrafine particles for drawing clear and dark lines. The lines will almost never smear and can be erased well using a plastic eraser.
A plain version to be used in different types of examinations is also available now.

Product Features

  • High-quality pencil for drawing clear lines

    Pencil specially designed with an ultrafine particle core for optical answer sheets to draw dark and clear lines that can be erased with a plastic eraser.
    The HB graphite scale is suitable for optical answer sheets.

  • Plain version is available now

    Plain version without English lettering is also available now to be used in different types of examinations.

  • Set in a pen case

    A set of 3 pencils, a MONO eraser, and a mini sharpener, which will come in handy for exams, is also available.


  • Set in paperboard box
  • Set in plastic case
  • Set (plain version)
  • Set of 2
  • Set of 3 (plain version)

1,320 yen+tax yen (excluding tax 1,200 yen) Hexagonal pencil 12 pencils per case


550 yen (excluding tax 500 yen) Hexagonal pencil
3 pencils per case (sharpened, with caps)
An eraser (PE-03A), a mini sharpener, and a transparent pen case included

  • PCC-611

495 yen (excluding tax 450 yen) Hexagonal pencil・plain version
3 pencils per case (sharpened, with caps)
2 erasers (plain version・PE-01A size)and a mini sharpener included

  • ACA-212

220 yen (excluding tax 200 yen) Hexagonal pencil
2 pencils per case (sharpened, with caps)

  • ACA-312

330 yen (excluding tax 300 yen) Hexagonal pencil・plain version
3 pencils per case (sharpened, with caps)


Precaution for Use

Do not use it for purposes other than writing.
· The eraser and eraser dust may stick to or dissolve on painted or plastic surfaces.
· Put the eraser in the sleeve after use.
· Keep it out of the reach of small children.
· Do not use it for other than erasing.
Mini sharpener
· Be careful handling the pencil when sharpened. Do not use it for purposes other than sharpening pencils.
· Do not touch the blade or put a finger in the cone of the sharpener, to avoid injuries.
· Place the case back in the sleeve to store after use.
· Avoid pushing a pencil hard against the sharpener or making the tip too sharp, to prevent the core from breaking.
· Do not put them in mouth, to avoid accidental ingestion. It may cause suffocation and other accidents.

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