Black Lead Pencils

High-end model of the MONO pencil series.

The highly condensed graphite lead allows to draw smooth, dark, and clear lines. High-end model of the MONO pencil series in terms of its lead, body, and design.
Available in 17 grades from 9H to 6B.

Product Features

  • Ultrafine particle lead

    The high-density structure of the graphite lead allows to draw smooth and dark lines on the paper.

  • Beautiful design

    The gold engraved letters and ring cap stand out against the smooth and glossy jet black body. The pencils come in a chic plastic case.

  • Long selling since 1967

    The high-end model "MONO 100" was released in commemoration of the 55th anniversary of Tombow in 1967. Named "MONO 100" as the fineness of the core particles was increased to 10 billion particles per cubic millimeter. It is the highest-quality pencil of all Tombow pencils.


  • 9H:MONO-1009H 8H:MONO-1008H 7H:MONO-1007H 6H:MONO-1006H 5H:MONO-1005H 4H:MONO-1004H

    3H:MONO-1003H 2H:MONO-1002H H:MONO-100H HB:MONO-100HB F:MONO-100F

    B:MONO-100B 2B:MONO-1002B 3B:MONO-1003B 4B:MONO-1004B 5B:MONO-1005B 6B:MONO-1006B

1,980yen (excluding tax 1,800 yen), excluding VAT Hexagonal pencil 12 pencils per case


Precaution for Use

· Do not use it for purposes other than writing.

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