Company History

Founding ~ 1960s



Harunosuke Ogawa opens a shop, Harunosuke Ogawa Shoten, in Asakusa. H.O. Pencil (Harunosuke Ogawa Pencil ) is released.


Branded pencil MASON is released.


STICK Pencil is released. SUBMARINE(submersible boat) Pencil is released.


KAIKAN RORO, Golf type set, CABINET and Christmas pencil set are released.


Celluloid doll with pencil Funny Face is released.



Start using “H.O.P.” as a trademark.


Thick pencil, Souvenir of Tokyo is released. Soft core, large-diameter pencil with rubber, REPORTER is released.


The Great Kanto Earthquake Reconstruction Memorial Pencil, New Tokyo is released.


Dragonfly (“tombow” in Japanese) mark is adopted as house mark and registered as trademark for pencils.


June Japan’s first full-scale pencil for drawing TOMBOW DRAWING PENCILS is released for 10 JPY each.



Test pencil No. 570 is released.


High-grade pencil for drawing No. 8800 is released.


High-grade pencil for drawing No. 8000 is released.


Dec. Harunosuke Ogawa Shoten incorporates as two companies, Tombow Pencil Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (manufacturing) and Tombow Pencil Trade Co. Ltd. (sales). Launched Iron Warp Erase, manufactured by fats and oils without using rubber.



Nov. High-quality pencil for photo modification, 8900 is released for 30 JPY each.


May Start of pencil sharpener production.



Oct. Factory in Oji receives certification as a JIS pencil (lead) factory (permission to display JIS Mark).


Aug. HOMO highest-grade pencil is perfected.(HOMO=HOMOGENIZE) Commercialized “408” with the hint of CHICAGO type (made by APSCO) pencil sharpening machine made in the United States.


Oct. Relocated the headquarters from Yanagibashi in Taito Ward to Nihonbashi Ningbocho in Chuo Ward with expansion of business.


Apr. Became an annual sponsor of the professional baseball team “Tombow Unions”. (Estimated year of sale) The paper-marking graph No. 2287 is released. The factory is approved for color-core JIS display.


Tombow’s first mechanical pencil HOMO holder is released.


Mar. Dry Ink 50FD quick- drying oil-based markers as well as Crown Tombow ballpoint pens are released. Tombow expands as a manufacturer of all types of writing instruments.



Jan. Oji Factory receives authorization from Minister of International Trade and Industry to use JIS Mark for mechanical pencil leads. The world’s first pencil-type aqueous marking pen Dry W is released.


Dec. Electric sharpener Pico is released.


Apr. Shinshiro Factory (Shinshiro City, Aichi Prefecture) started operation.

Aug. A high-end drawing pencil MONO is released for 60 JPY each.


Mar. Shinshiro Factory receives permission to use JIS Mark on ballpoint pens.SR 1500 automatic sharpening type (automatic roller type) pencil sharpener is released.


BC-100D Slide knock type 2 color ballpoint pen is released.


Sept. MONO 100 highest-grade pencil is released to commemorate 55th anniversary.

Oct. Transparent axis ballpoint pen BC-30R is released.


May Del Point Pen, an improved version of the pen is released.

June The special water-based ink marker Rokettan is released.

Sept. Fine-grained pen Oil F-1 is released.

Nov. Moved Tombow pencil head office to Toshima, Kita-ku, Tokyo (current headquarters location). The world’s first projector pen for overhead projector (OHP) is released.


Nov. MONO eraser is released as an independent product.




May 1971 PIT, the first made-in-Japan glue stick goes on sale for 100 JPY each.

Sept. Fine core sharp Tonbow Create is released.


Implementing the 60th Anniversary Campaign “Creating a Town where Dragonfly Can Live”.


Apr. Established Tonbow Ball Pen Co., Ltd.


Sept. Fluorescent Highlighter, Japan’s first fluorescent marker, is released for 70 JPY each.


Aug. Marking pen Kakubee is released.

Dec. Sharp core Ultra is released.


Sept. Manual pencil sharpener Run is released.


Mar. Fluorescent pencil is released.


Apr. “Start with Tombow. Fresh freshman” campaign.

May Pencil with perfume is released.



Tombow Pen & Pencil GmbH established in Cologne, West Germany.


July PLAY COLOR water-based markers in 24 colors are developed and released.


July PROGRAPH precision drafting marker is released.

Nov. ROLL PEN liquid water-based ballpoint pen goes on sale.


Sales company American Tombow Inc. is established in Westlake Village, California, USA (later moved to Atlanta, Georgia).


Aug. MONO BALL water-based ballpoint pen is released.

Sept. Adhesive, temporary adhesive double-use glue “Pit Multi” is released. Dual Brush Pen water-based markers in 72 colors (upgraded to 144 in 1989, currently in 108) are released.


Jan. ZOOM series (mechanical pencils, ballpoint pens, water-based ballpoint pens) is released.

Apr. An eraser with eraser scraps, NON DUST is released.

July Automatic core feeding mechanical pen Runner is released.


Apr. New color 30 color pencils, IROJITEN is released.

June Output (set pen) is released.

Dec. The object X2 (two-color ballpoint pen) is released.


Sept. OA cleaner released prior to the industry.




May Eraser (Sharp & Eraser) is released. Correcting solution Mono White is released.

July Overseas production site Tombow (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is established in Bangkok, Thailand.

Aug. Necklace type ballpoint pen Field Worker is released.

Oct. Received the “Object EO” Ministry of Trade and Industry G mark.

Nov. Series “Kiddi Hands” Hashino Okeiko / pencil pencil / scissors grip / desk mat are released.


June Zoom La Nave series by appointing overseas designers is released. Horizontal correction tape Mono White Tape MS is released.

Nov. Manga Sign Pen, a food additive ink is released.


Mar. MONO WHITE TAPE YK side-action correction tape is released.

June KIMONOGATARI and Kimonogatari, pencils made from recycled wood and graphite are released. The first Eco Mark certified product with a pencil.



Jan. KIMONOGATARI pencils win Nikkei Marketing Journal Prize. Color PiT is released. ZOOM OCEANIC wins Design Plus Award.

June Necklace type two-color ballpoint pen Field Worker II is released.

Sept. An improved version of the correction tape MONO White Tape YN is released. The stick paste which becomes blue when painted and transparent when it is dry is released KIEIRO PIT.


Sept. Multicolor ballpoint pen Cleandy 2, 3 incorporating an antibacterial agent that blocks the growth of bacteria and mold, is released.

Oct. PLAY COLOR 2, with safety caps, eight new colors, and twin-type thick and thin points is released.


Mar. The world’s thinnest 2.5 mm wide correction tape MONO White Tape PX is released.

Apr. Completed introduction of new company name trademark. Decided as “always intellectual adventure” as a motto.

Nov. Aqua Pit, a liquid paste of thick and thin twin holes is released.



Jan. Two-way glue PiT Multi 2 released with bonding and temporary fixing.

Aug. Launched the More heat-erasable eraser, in which scraps are well integrated, and the More light-erasable eraser, which can be erased with light power.


Jan. PiT tape AS permanent glue tape and PiT tape AK peelable glue tape are released.

May Ballpoint pen and sharp core, Eco-net using recycled material for shaft and case, is released.

July A stick paste Hosomi PiT that can be refilled with a pen is released.


May Eco-net Eraser, a synthetic rubber eraser is released.

Sept. Sharp core MONO-WX that three kinds of HB can be released is released.

Nov. Renewable plastic refill tape MONO White Tape CX is released.


May Kei Coat Alpha liquid-ink fluorescent pen is released.




Apr. Tape paste is released for 300 JPY each. PiT tape S type and PiT tape S type can be peeled off.

Oct. Side knock-type mechanical pencil and ballpoint pen Spino is released.

Nov. An oil-based ballpoint pen using a newly developed low-viscosity ink, Karunosu is released.

Dec. Tombow (Thailand) Co., Ltd. overseas production site receives ISO 9002.


Feb. PiT tape S glue tape wins Design Plus Award.

Mar. Correction tape MONO White Tape CF is released for 220 JPY each.

Apr. Acquired ISO 9001 collectively at all business sites in Japan.

Aug. FUDENOSUKE is released so that people who are not good at writing pens can write well.

Nov. In order to support the activities of the Children’s Earth Foundation, the “kef series stationery” is released, using pictures of children from around the world as a package.


Feb. MONO NP (Non-PVC) polyvinyl chloride-free eraser is released.

Apr. PiT tape M glue tape is released.

Sept. Cartridge type horizontal draw correction tape “MONO YX” and pen type correction tape “MONO PL” are released.

Nov. Kei Coat Charger, a refill ink for the fluorescent pen Kei Coat are released. Sharp core Selectarn which can choose 1 out and put out together is released.



Oct. Tombow Vietnam Co., Ltd. is established in a suburb of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.Correction Tape MONO YX, correction Tape MONO PL, Sharp Core Selectarn, Kei Coat Charger, and MONO Touch are received the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry G mark.

Dec. High-quality and high design writing tool Tombow Design Collection are released.


Jan. ZOOM 727 wins iF Design Award. LADIES ballpoint pen wins ISOT Stationery of the year.

Feb. Black Red Pencil Tree Story with HB and Amber in one is released.

July Handmade pencil shop, where you can make your own pencils is released.

Sept. A pen-like horizontal draw correction tape MONO YS ie released.

Oct. REPORTER multicolor ballpoint pen with slim body and strong clip is released.


Jan. KIMONOGATARI color pencil, a colored pencil that was created by connecting offcuts is released.

Mar. American Tombow wins OPWA 2005 Leadership Award. PiT tape U” is released with a tape paste that can be stuck firmly.

Apr. Tombow obtains ISO 14001:2014 certification.

Aug. Water-based ballpoint pen IN + PUT is released.

Sept. Multi-functional pen ZOOM 414 for business is released.

Oct. Small and easy to use. Correction tape MONO CC is released.

Dec. ZOOM 414 wins iF Design Award 2006.



Feb. ZOOM 414 wins Red Dot Award.

Mar. Small and easy to use. Correction tape MONO CC is released.

Apr. Pit Tape G, a palm-size 25-meter-thick tape adhesive, is released.

July P Fit, a large clip ballpoint pen that is hard to remove, hard to drop ie released. MONO PXN which remodeled the long seller correction tape PX is released.

Aug. “One” “summary”, sharp core MONO WX which can be taken out in two ways are released.

Sept. Design Collection ZOOM101 with lightweight materials is released.


Jan. Newly developed flat tape Tape, PiT Tape M Flat is released.

Feb. MONO one eraser with compact holder is released.

Sept. PiT tape M mesh cut, a tape adhesive that can be seen in mesh, is released. JR East commercialization license, Train pencil is released.

Oct. Small stick PiT XS that fits in a pencil case is released. PFit wins Good Design Award.

Nov. MONO zero high precision eraser is released.


Jan. The compact size multi-color ballpoint pen Reporter 4 Compact is released.

Mar. AirPress pressurized retractable ballpoint pen is released.

July AQUA PiT Extra Strength Pen type liquid is released. Slim short-sized ballpoint pen, ZOOM 717 is released.

Oct. AirPress and MONO zero win Good Design Award.

Dec. European-grown fountain pens and a water-based ballpoint pen, Object is released in Japan.


Feb. ZOOM 717 mechanical pencil is released.

Mar. PFit wins Red Dot Design Award.

June MONO PS, the tape which can be restored before the correction is released.

Oct. ONBOOK ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil are released.

Dec. Stationery series ippo!, for new school children in the form of parental consideration is released. P Fit and MONO zero win iF Design Awards 2010.




Mar. Knockdown pressure type ballpoint pen, Air Press EPRO is released. Completion of integrated production system for correction tape is announced, with MONO PGX as first product (released in April).

Apr. Knock pressure type ballpoint pen Air Press, extra fine holder eraser MONO zero received reddot award 2010. Adhesive painting Petattsu is released that can be stuck without making a hole.

Aug. Ippo! Slide cans with colored pencils, correction tape MONO ps, knock pressure type ballpoint pen Air press epro wins the 2010 Good Design Award.

Sept. ippo! Slide cans with colored pencils, Primary pencils for admission, and Red pencils received the Kids Design Award.

Dec. Correction tape MONO YS, notebook pen ONBOOK are received iF Design Award 2011.



Mar. OLNO bending mechanical pencil is released.

July Tombow Pencil (Dalian) Co., Ltd. is established in Dalian, China.

Oct. Strong adhesive gummy Adhesive Petatts sheet type is released. MONO Air Touch, an eraser that can be erased with light force is released. MONO Dust Catch, an eraser that does not lose dust is released.

Nov. Reporter Smart, a multi-color ballpoint pen equipped with ultra-low viscosity smart ink is released. OLNO wins Good Design Award. MONO eraser and 8900 Pencil win Good Design Long Life Design Awards.

Dec. Shogokan “First grader in elementary school” and “ippo!” In collaboration with “Pencils for first grade elementary school” is released.



Mar. The compact type tape glue, PiT Slide is released.

Apr. Yo-i brand for preschool children is released.

Aug. Correction tape MONO 2way that combines an eraser and a correction tape is released. “ippo! Caps to connect”, “Yo-i water color crayon 12 colors”, “Yo-i Okeiko Enmitsu set” are received the 6th Kids Design Award.

Sept. Knock-type pressurized oil-based ballpoint pen “Air Press Bouquet” is released. A thin 5.5mm thin eraser MONO Smart is released.

Oct. New sense Yura Yura mechanical pen Yurasha is released. Adhesive Gummy Petattsu Handy, tape Paste Pit Slide, multicolor Ballpoint Pen Reporter Smart are received the 2012 Good Design Award. Stick paste Pit wins the 2012 Good Design Long Life Design Award.

Nov. Multi-function pen ZOOM L102 is released. A forest certified pencil KIMONOGATARI is released.



Tombow celebrates its 100th anniversary. New Dragonfly Mark is announced and begins appearing on products.

Mar. In commemoration of the 100th anniversary, a limited-color MONO / KIEIRO PiT are released. Ergonomic design correction tape MONO ergo is released. The top model ORNO Swift of body knock sharp is released.

Apr. The limited edition ZOOM 505 and the reprinted edition First Tombow Pencil are released in commemoration of the 100th anniversary. MONO ergo wins reddot award 2013.

May Short holder eraser MONO One Air Touch and MONO One Dust Catch are released.

July ippo! Tube Liquid Nori and Color pencil with plastic case ki monogatari win the 7th Kids Design Award.

Oct. Black Body Eraser Mono Black is released. MONO Smart eraser wins Good Design Award.。

Nov. Two types of tape pastes are released: PiT Retries C, which can be re-pasted at first, and PiT Power C, which is a strong adhesive bond. Reporter Smart, ballpoint pen with ultra-low viscous “Smart” ink is released. In commemoration of the 100th anniversary, the second edition of limited color MONO / KIEIERO PiT are released.



Apr. 2.5mm narrow width correction tape MONO note is released. MONO eraser equipped mechanical pen MONO graph is released.

June Immediately after the strong adhesive, power tape mounted tape paste PiT Power D is released.

July ippo! Stick glue wins the 8th Kids Design Award.

Oct. Correction tape MONO note and MONO graph win Good Design Awards. Mono CC 10th anniversary limited premium version is released.



Feb. PiT Power D wins iF Design Award 2015.

Oct. MONO graph, mechanical pencil with attached MONO eraser, is released. Odor stick paste PiT High Power S Aroma is released. PiT TACK C which can be attached firmly and peeled off beautifully. ZOOM series ballpoint pen and mechanical pen ZOOM L105 are released.



Mar. The finely written play color, Play color K is released. MONO graph wins reddot design award 2016.

June Amazingly light-weight correction tape MONO air is released.

July Precise writing, precise erasing mechanical pencil MONO graph Zero 0.5 / 0.3 is released.

Sept. MONO air and MONO graph Zero are received the 2016 Good Design Award.

Oct. ZOOM 30th Anniversary Special Limited Edition, ZOOM 505 and ZOOM 707 are released. The personal multifunctional pen Luche is released.



Mar. The compact type tape glue, PiT Egg series is released.

Apr. Registered as a “trademark consisting only of color” with the three-color pattern of blue, white and black of MONO.

July High-quality precision ultra-fine holder eraser, MONO zero Metal Type is released.

Aug. Characterless MONO Eraser with blue and black mono stripes only is released.

Oct. MONO Zero Metal Type wins the 2017 Good Design Award. Marking pen Play color dot, all 12 colors of round stamp core is released.

Nov. Amazingly light-weight correction tape MONO air refillable type is released. ZOOM Ying HASHI and ZOOM Ying SAMON with the theme of sum are released.

Dec. Tombow pencil receive “Eco Mark World 2017” Excellence Award.



Feb. The holder eraser MONO Stick is released.
The multi-functional pen MONO graph Multi equipped with a large-capacity hollow-out MONO eraser is released.

Mar. Roll case color pencil, NQ 24 colors and 36 colors set are released.
MONO Zero Metal Type wins iF design award 2018.
Cap-type multifunctional pen, ZOOM 505 is released.

Apr. ZOOM Ying wins the international design award reddot design award 2018.
Received the “Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Commendation” award for the Intellectual Property Achievement Award in FY2018.

June Correction tape MONO air side pulling type is released.

July MONO graph grip model is released.

Sept. Added 10 new colors. Color Dictionary 36 Color Select Set is released.

Oct. All 10 colors FUDENOSUKE firmly tailored is released simultaneously in Japan, the US and Europe. Correction tape MONO air refillable type wins 2018 Good Design Award. Knockdown pressure type ballpoint pen Air press, new color active color 4 colors is released. Correction tape MONO air sporty color is released.

Nov. Dual brush pen, ABT new color 12 colors are added. Full of 108 colors.



Jan. “Seventy years in a dozen boxes of yellow pencil “8900 number” “70th anniversary Limited set with can pen case” is released.

Feb. Water-based Ballpoint Pen「ZOOM505 META」is released.
The”MONO graph” adds six colors pastel color.

May Glue Tape with “Air Touch”system,”PiT AIR”is released.

June The 50th anniversary of MONO -color birth is released.
「TOMBOW WATER BRUSH」is released.

Oct. Two products,“Pit Air”and“Irojiten 36 Color Select Set”received the 2019 Good Design Award.
Non-slip processed “ippo!Firm Grip Writing Pencil”is released.
Glue Tape”PiT AIR mini” is released.

Nov. TOMBOW FUN ART STUDIO presents“Casual Hand Lettering Life,”is released from SHUFUNOTOMO Co.,Ltd.
Break resistant eraser「MONO TOUGH」is released.




Feb. Glue Tape”PiT AIR” wins iF design award 2020.

Mar. Correction Tape”MONO AIR pentype” is released.

Aug. 6color sets of ABT graphic markers in 4 themes are released.
ippo “Firm Grip Writing Pencil” wins kids design award 2020.

Oct. “ABT Art Contest 2020” held.

Nov. MONO Student Eraser is released. ippo!”Red & blue(7:3)pencil” is released. ippo!”Easy Erase KAKIKATA Pencil” is released.


Feb. High precision needle tip,Oil-Based Ballpoint Pen”MONO graph Lite” is released.

Mar. Glue Tape”Pit Air Mini Refillable Type” is released.
Fluorescent colored glue stick “KIEIRO Pit Neon Yellow” is released.

Apr. “MONO graph Lite”,”Pit Air Mini Refillable Type” wins reddot design award 2021.

Jun. PiT 50th Anniversary,Glue stick with reprint design”Secret PiT”,”PiT Reprint Design Mini Collection Set” limited release.

Oct. “MONO graph Lite”,”Pit Air Mini Refillable Type” wins Good design award 2021.


Jan. Limited 『MONO × Campus』 Faded colors product introduction is released.

Sep. Correction Tape “Mono Pocket” is released.

Oct. “Fudenosuke Supple Style Pastel Colors” is released.

Nov. ippo! “Ippo Kakikata Pencils” is released.
Mechanical Pencil “MONO graph Lite ”is released.


Feb. ZOOM Rebranding and New Product is released.

Oct. Compact Correction Tape “Mono cc” new 4 colors is released.
Amazingly light-weight correction tape “MONO air” new 4 colors is released.
Monograph Grip Grayish Colors is released.
High-class Monograph model “Monograph fine” is released.

Nov. “Hello Nature” brand has been renewed.