Black Lead Pencils

Pencils designed to help children learn to hold them with wavy lines indicating the position of their fingers.

The wavy lines on the pencils indicate the position of the fingers to help children how to hold them correctly.
Recommended for children learning how to write with a pencil.
Triangular and hexagonal casings are available.

Product Features

  • Wavy lines

    The colorful wavy lines help children to hold the pencil correctly.

  • Easy-to-hold triangular and hexagonal casings

    A pencil is held with the index finger, the thumb, and the middle finger.

  • For both right and left hands

    Left-handed children can also use them.

    How to use

  • STEP1

    ① Place the index finger on the "Nami Line" 1 cm above where it is shaved.

  • STEP2

    ② Align the thumb with the "Na Line" in the direction where you face.
    ★ Please put the thumb on the same line as the index finger.

  • STEP3

    ③ Hold the middle finger and place a pencil on the forefinger. Make the pencil in the angle of 60° and extend the spine and write in the correct posture.
    ★ Be careful not to let the pencil leave the index finger.
    ★ If you put too much pressure on the index finger, be aware that the index finger will bend.


  • Triangular pencil
  • Hexagonal pencil
  • Graphite scale: 2B

792 yen (excluding tax 720yen) 12 pencils per case

  • Graphite scale: 2B

792 yen (excluding tax 720yen) 12 pencils per case


Precaution for Use

· Do not use it for other than writing.

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