Correction Tapes

Comfortable fit, yet can be used with confidence
Eraser type compact correction tape!

Square shaped correction tape with a “MONO” logo, just like the “MONO eraser”.
MONO quality makes it possible to correct firmly and neatly, and the compact size fits perfectly in a pen case.

Product Features

  • MONO Eraser Design

    Correction tape with a cute a "MONO eraser" like design.

  • Ultra-compact body

    Ultra-compact size convenient for storage and portability. Fits perfectly in a pen case.

  • Full cap

    Dust can’t enter when carrying. When using attach to the back to make holding easier.

  • Anti-shake stabilized transparent tape head

    Transparent head makes it easy to see where you want to correct. Anti-shake correction function allows the tape to stick firmly to the paper surface.

  • High quality tape

    Correction tape adheres to the paper surface, high-quality tape that is hard to scrape off even when overwritten.

  • 5 body colors to choose from

    Lineup of 5 colors: MONO tri-color, black, blue, purple and pink.

  • *In the unlikely event that the tape becomes slack

    Use a pointed object to turn the rewind button in the direction of the arrow to take up the slack.



  • CT-CM5

  • CT-CM5C10

  • CT-CM5C40

  • CT-CM5C80

  • CT-CM5C90

Tape width:5mm, tape length: 4m
242 yen (excluding tax 220 yen)


Precaution for Use

・ Do not store in places with high temperature, high humidity and direct sunlight.
・Don’t press the rewind button during use.
・ When over writing with a mechanical pencil, the correction tape may come off.
・Depending on the type of ink, overwriting may become faint.
・Copying or printing corrected paper may result in paper jams or poor copying.
・ Depending on the type of copier or printer, the correction tape may not be adhere to the paper.
・ Keep out of reach of children.
・ Do not use for any purpose other than corrections on paper.


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