Mono Eraser Design Correction Tape
Compact, Easy-to-use and Hold Square Shape “Mono Pocket”

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Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kita-ku, Tokyo, President: Akihiro Ogawa) announced the release of the company’s smallest and handiest correction tape; small, rectangular shape that meets the requests for a correction tape that is “always by your side”. Can be used and carried just like an eraser.

Product name is “MONO pocket”. 5mm width x 4m length tape. Suggested retail price is 242 yen (220 yen excluding tax). 5 body colors including blue, white and black MONO tri-color. Release date is September 22nd, 2022*. *Will be gradually rolled out to stores so please contact your nearest stationery store for release date details.


The features of this product are as follows:
21mm width x 15mm depth x 53mm length making it the smallest of all our correction tapes. Almost the same size as MONO PE03 eraser (PE03: width 20mm x depth 11mm x length 55mm). Although small, removing the cap (length 16mm) and attaching on the end of the body extends length by about 20% (overall length 64mm) for great stability.
■Square shape for a great fit
Square shape is perfect for on the go use. Easily fits in a pen case, doesn’t roll around on your desk and saves desk space when stood on end.
■ Full cap
Cap fully covers the tape head. Prevents head damage when carrying and keeps out dust.
■Employs anti-shake stabilization, transparent head

■5 body colors to choose from
MONO tri-color, black, blue, purple and pink.
■High-adhesion, high-quality correction tape
Correction tape firmly adheres to paper surface, original high-quality tape that resists scrapping even when overwritten.



asy to use, small size, square shape


MONO tri-color, black, blue, purple and pink.


Product type Correction Tapes
Product name MONO pocket
Release date September 22nd, 2022
Price 242 yen (220 yen excluding tax)
Dimensions/Weight W 21mm D 15mm L 53㎜/11g


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