Water-based Marking Pens

You can draw clearly even on black paper!
Pastel color ink calligraphy pen!

Supple elastomer core makes it easy to adjust writing pressure to allow a wide range of expressions.
Masking ability of the pastel color ink for vivid writing not only on white but also on black paper.

Product Features

  • Masking Pastel Color Inks

    6 pastel colors that stand out vividly on paper, whether black or white.
    *When writing on dark color paper,the color is visible after a second.

  • Soft elastomer brush tip

    Easy to adjust writing pressure great for expressions with sharp strokes such as illustrations and hand lettering.

  • Water-based pigment ink

    Water-based pigment ink with excellent water and light resistance that doesn’t wash out after drying and also doesn’t easily discolor over time.

  • Great for hand lettering and illustrations


  • individual item
  • set
  • WS-BS01

  • WS-BS02
    Pale yellow

  • WS-BS21

  • WS-BS58
    Soft pink

  • WS-BS73
    Light blue

  • WS-BS86
    Light green

165 yen (excluding tax 150 yen)

  • WS-BS6C

990yen (excluding tax 900 yen)

Precaution for Use

・Cap after use.
・Violent shaking, dropping, or strong impacts may cause ink to leak.
・Avoid getting ink on hands or clothing as it is difficult to remove.
・Do not store in direct sunlight or under high temperatures.
・Store pen horizontally.
・ Keep out of reach of children.
・Do not use for purposes other than writing and drawing.


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