Sales guide of ballpoint pen refills

Thank you for your support of Tombow Pencil products.Please contact our sales office or customer service office for information on stationery stores near you. If stationery stores in your area do not sell ballpoint pen refills for not having the shipping unit required by us and so on, you can request us to send them by the following method.

Number of refills to be ordered

You can order up to 9 refills per product. Since ballpoint pen refills are shipped in tens, you can order them at a stationery store if you wish to purchase them in tens. Please contact your local stationery store.

How to place an order

Print out and fill the order form below, and send it to our customer support office using stamps for the same amount as the total cost Order Form of Pen Refills (PDF)

How to process payment

Please send stamps for both the price of the ordered refills and the shipping cost by postal mail to our customer service office. You will also need to pay the postage to send us the stamps. ※ We do not accept payment methods such as bank transfer, credit card, or cash on delivery.

When to ship the product

Once we receive the order form and stamps, we will ship the refills on the next business day. The shipment may be delayed if the product you have ordered is out of stock, and we will contact you in that case.
  • You cannot specify the delivery date and time.
  • We only ship to addresses in Japan.
  • Please contact us if you do not receive the refills you ordered within two weeks after sending us the form and the stamps.
  • Shipment may be delayed on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, New Year holidays and summer vacation.

Returns, exchanges, and cancellations

Check the delivered refills once you receive them. We make every possible effort to ensure the quality of our products, but if the delivered product is damaged, soiled, or different from what you have ordered, please contact us within 7 days from the date you received the product. We will handle the return or an exchange as promptly as possible (we will pay the shipping cost in this case). We will also accept returns for other reasons as long as you request it within 7 days after delivery, but you will need to pay the shipping cost in this case. We will return the stamps once we receive the product. We do not accept returns or exchanges of products described in the following list of “Products that cannot be returned or exchanged.” Products that cannot be returned or exchanged:
  • Products returned or requested to be exchanged more than 8 days after delivery
  • Products damaged or soiled by the customer
  • Used products
  • Products with defects caused by the customer’s failure to follow instructions
  • Products purchased at places other than Tombow’s site (such as sales outlets)

Handling of personal information

Your personal information will be used only to confirm your order and ship the ordered items in accordance with our policy on the protection of personal information.

Contact information
Customer Service Office, Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd.
6-10-12 Toshima, Kita-ku, Tokyo 114-8583
Tel. (toll-free): 0120-834198
Office hours: 9:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:00
(excluding weekends, public holidays, New Year holidays and summer vacation)
Order Form of Pen Refills (PDF)