“Monograph Fine” with 3 Refinements is Now Available in the Writing/Erasing “Monograph” Mechanical Pencil
1. Shaped pen tip 2. Eraser lock mechanism 3. Moisturized grip

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Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kita-ku, Tokyo; President: Akihiro Ogawa) has announced a new, high-class model with three new refinements to the current knock-type, telescoping eraser “Monograph” series of mechanical pencils.

The product to be released is called “Monograph Fine” and will be rolled out sequentially to stationery stores and stationery departments nationwide from October 31st*. Available in two body colors: silver (photo below) and black and in two lead diameters: 0.5mm and 0.3mm. Suggested retail price is 1,210 JPY (1,100 JPY excluding tax). *Contact your local stationery store for detailed release dates as products will be rolled out to stores one by one.



The `Monograph” mechanical pencil series was released in 2014. Noted for both writing and erasing it has become a classic product widely used by students. The newly released `Monograph Fine” has added value thanks to a uniquely shaped nib for precise writing strokes; a new eraser lock mechanism that prevents knocking while erasing and a special metal grip with a leather-like feel thanks to a new type of coating.

Taper processing for a brighter and more precise pen tip
A 4-stage taper process is used to brighten the pen tip area and make writing strokes more precise. The 4 stages are: Stage 1) body diameter is machined from 10 mm to 8.8 mm, Stage 2) body is further machined to 4.8 mm with a Mt. Fuji shape (reverse radius) mill, Stage 3) further machining to reduce to 3.4 mm. Stage 4) final machining to 1.6mm to take on a Mt. Fuji shape (right side figure). As a result, the tip obstructs the paper surface as little as possible to improve writing visibility.
Precision processing starts with a metal shaft that extends approximately 50mm from the pen tip to the grip and then applying the above-mentioned machine tapering. Typical mechanical pencils have an attachment base, but we have integrated the base into the tip to achieve the ideal shape. This shape also eliminates wobbling and blurring of the pen tip. Furthermore, the weight of the metal provides a lower center of gravity to give a stable writing feel.

Newly adopted “knock lock mechanism” locks when erasing
Equipped with a rotating Mono eraser in the knock mechanism which is the basic design of “Monograph”. Eraser is a 3.6mm diameter x 30mm (useable 23mm) length stick shape suitable for fine erasing. Rotate the outer eraser bezel to extend the eraser as needed.
When extending the eraser unit, the knock drive automatically locks to ensuring accurate erasing. The movement of the knock mechanism is controlled by the movement of weights within the main body which move by gravity to turn the knock on and off

Made of metal, but with a smooth yet invisible grip.
Grip diameter has been reduced by 0.4 mm to enhance writing stability. Furthermore, a soft-feel coating is applied to give the surface of the metal body a moist, leather-like feel. The soft-feel coating used has excellent water resistance and does not become sticky even after long-term use.
We value pen design and so have ensured a comfortable grip and practical soft-feel coating that does not detract from the appearance.

Short Clip
The clip length has been shortened to prevent the tip from touching the back of your hand. Short clip: Approximately 30 mm long x 5 mm wide (plate spring type).


Monograph Fine

Body size: total length 148.4 mm x maximum width 13.3 mm (body diameter 10 mm) / weight 21.9 g




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