Two new school stationery of Tombow Pencil ,
2013 (7th) Children’s Design Award
Plastic Case Color Pencil F tree story 12 colors Ippo! Tube Liquid glues

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Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. (President, Akihiro Ogawa, head office, Kita-ku, Tokyo) received the “7th Kids Design Award” (2013) by two school stationery released in early 2013. The following is an overview of the award-winning products:

Ki monogatari Plastic case color Pencil 12 colors
Safety and security of the child’s perspective Design General Category > Awards

Forest Certification Pencil [Ki monogatari Plastic Case colored pencil 12 colors] (trade name/meaning: Tree story) = Photo right = The 7th Kids Design Award < Children’s perspective safety and Security Design General Department > Was awarded.
This product uses a wood that is certified by the International Organization FSC(R)* , which contributes to the preservation of the world’s forests, on the wooden axis of colored pencils. We will carefully commercialize the warmth of wood and the beauty of the tree skin, and nurture the heart that values children’s MONO and the spirit that values forest resources. The lid of the case has adopted transparent polystyrene to take advantage of the aesthetic appearance of the grain of the shaft. Even if it is dropped by any chance, it becomes difficult to break. The lid is opened only by pushing the case “PUSH”, and the cover of the case is laid on the bottom and it does not take the place on the study desk.

* FSC (R)(Forest Stewardship Council (Forest Management Council)) FSC is a global forest that produces timber for the purpose of preserving the world’s forests, It is an international organization that evaluates and authenticates the process of the distribution and processing of wood cut out from the forest.

Release date: End of January, 2013
12 colors: Blue, black, light orange, Mizuiro, Midori, Midori, Kiiro, Daiiro, Momoiro, Oh, Murasaki, AO
Other features: Inside the case you can see the order of the color, clean and tidy “seal up”, with a large name column on the back of the case. “Green purchasing Law adaptation” and “GPN” Eco Products
・Commodity maker MSRP Price 840 yen (body price 800 yen)
・Part number: CP-RF0112C light blue/CP-RF0212C yellow Green/P-rf0312c Orange
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Ippo! Tube Liquid glues
<Awarded the General Department>of Safety and security design of children’s viewpoints

School Stationery “Ippo! Tube liquid glues (trade name) = Photo right = The 7th Children’s Design award<The safety and Security Design General Division>was awarded.

This product is a tube type liquid glues that is easy to grasp in children’s small hands and is difficult to roll. Use the cap downward and stand

I adopt the “Sakaachi cap” that can not take a place in the study desk. Because the glues naturally collects downward, you can use it immediately by opening the CAP, and the glues can be used without waste to the end. A double cap is employed in the cap, and there is no worry that the glues will stain when not in use.
Release date: End of January, 2013
Other features: The Name column on the CAP, with rolling stop (assuming that only the cap rolls). The filling mouth is a sponge type. glues , discoloration glues due to oxidation of the paste itself, the use of polyvinyl alcohol was considered to be difficult to discoloration due to oxidation of THE bonded portion (acidfree).
・MSRP: 126 yen (Main unit Price: 120 yen)
・Part Number: PT-WSM01 Blue/T-wsw01 Pink
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The total number of applicants for the 2013 Kids Design Award was 383 and 211 of them received the 7th Kids Design Award.
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