Correction Tape ” MONO Air Refillable ” is
Received the 2018 Good Design Award

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Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. (Head office, Kita-ku, Tokyo, President, Akihiro Ogawa) Correction Tape , ” MONO Air Refillable ” was awarded the “Good Design Award 2018″ (sponsored by the Japan Design Promotion Association).
The award-winning ” MONO Air Refillable ” was released in November 2017 with a new generation of Correction Tape that had a surprisingly light erase experience from the beginning.
The company’s proprietary “Air-touch System”, which controls the tape running by using force to improve the structure of the conventional Correction Tape sweeping and push the correction head to the paper, is built-in. The tape drawing force is reduced by 61% (our conventional product ratio/tape volume 10m), and you can quickly fix it without stress by lightly tracing the correction part. The withdrawal force was reduced by 58% even at 2m when the tape residue was heavier in conventional products (compared to our conventional products).
In addition to being economical, this product adopts a cartridge type that can easily and reliably replace the tape while the body shape is compact and reduces the environmental load.

2018 Good Design award Tombow Pencil Award Products
Award-winning products : MONO Air Refillable (3 types of tape width 4.2 mm, 5mm, 6mm)
Release date : November 8, 2017
Retail price : 300 yen (including tax 324 yen), cartridge 180 yen (including tax 194 yen)
Product Features : equipped with a new mechanism “Air touch system” ※, the Correction Tape of surprisingly light pull comfort from the beginning to use. Compact size, convenient for storage, can be replaced and economical. The Unobtrusive, quiet operation which can be used without hesitation in the office and the Library, also equipped with a shake pivoting tape head and one Touch head cover.
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Producer: Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. Product Planning Dept. Planning 1 Group Watanabe Hiroki
Director: Product Planning Department Creative Design Group Special art director Keepsake Kazunori
Designer: Product Planning Department Creative Design Group Special art director Keepsake Kazunori
(From the organizer’s public comment 〉)
In a product that is small as an item and is not easy to collect, an approach to prolong the use of the product will be effective in terms of ecology. The ” MONO Air/ Refillable ” has a feeling that you can modify the target part without feeling the stress with a small power while having the function to make the cartridge change easily. Excerpts

* What is “air touch system”?
The “Air Touch System” is a proprietary mechanism that controls the tape running by using the force of pressing and releasing the modified head to the paper. When used, it switches to “run” and “stop” when unused. Specifically, (1) A small force (driven at 100g or less) that the correction head hits on the paper will move the arm and unlock the supply reel in the body. (2) When the head is released from the paper, the back supply reel is locked and the tape drive stops. To control the tape running in this way, the load that was applied to the reel for the purpose of preventing sagging (force to be difficult to rotate) is not required, it was possible to lighten the tape running from the beginning to use.

MONO Air Refillable Left-to-right tape width 4.2 mm, 5mm, 6mm

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