MONO zero metal type
IF Design Award 2018 Award

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Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. (Head office, Kita-ku, Tokyo, President, Akihiro Ogawa) is a knock mechanism Holder Eraser ” MONO zero metal Type” If Design award 2018 (hereinafter, IF the award was received. The iF award was awarded in 2015 after the ” PIT Power-D”, which was the winner of the glue tapes , Buri three years, and the award was the 14th time.
IF award-winning “mono- MONO zero metal Type” is a Holder Eraser that uses a tip 2.5 mm × 5mm, a 50mm long stick type Plastic Eraser in the knock mechanism , It is the best for carrying a clip to a pocketbook and a chest pocket. Released in August 2017, the MSRP price is 648 yen (¥600 per tax).
The product features ◆ smooth seamless aluminum body in hand. 7g and light weight. Four colors: Silver, black, blue and pink. ◆ By adopting a metal guide pipe to the distal end, it is possible to fix it accurately captures a correction point by making it slim. ◆ The clip part is a stainless spring easily inserted in the notebook cover etc. wide opening angle. ◆ The operation was knocked out, and the pitch of one knock (feeding length) increased the accuracy below 1mm.
(With respect to design)
The ” MONO zero -Zero metal type” is supported by a wide range of users, not only artists and designers, but the Holder Eraser ” MONO zero ” released in November 2007 Developed as a high-end model.
The designer is Chihiro Iseki = the Tombow Pencil Product Planning Department Creative Design Group.
(For iF Design Award 2018)
The iF award is one of the world’s prestigious design awards. Germany The International forum design, based in Hanover, has been operated for the purpose of design promotion since 1953, and has been celebrated 65 times. 2018 has 6,402 entries from 54 countries in the world, which is the highest in the past. Award is product design = Product design, communication design = Communication design, package design = packaging design, service design Architecture-Architecture, interior design interior Architecture, professional concept = Professional concept from seven fields of excellence products and artifacts are chosen annually. In 2018, the If award was selected, including the company, and the If Gold Award (iF Gold) was awarded to 75 points. (Figures are from the organizer’s material)

【 IF Design Award 2018 Tombow Pencil winning product 】
Product Name: MONO zero metal type
Price: 650 yen (tax not included)
Release Date: August 3, 2017
Product information:
Designer: Chihiro Iseki ( Tombow Pencil Product Planning Dept. creative Design Group)

TOMBOW Design Award:
(IF Design Award 2018 is not included)

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