Tombow Pencil 2017 Good Design Award report knock mechanism The Holder Eraser ” MONO zero metal Type” was awarded the 2017 Good Design award.

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knock mechanism Holder Eraser ” MONO zero metal Type” won the 2017 Good Design award
Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. (Head office, Kita-ku, Tokyo, President, Akihiro Ogawa) was released in August this year knock mechanism -type Holder Eraser [ MONO zero metal type], I was selected as the 2017 Good Design award for the Japan Design Promotion Association.
The award-winning ” MONO zero metal type” is a High precision Holder Eraser that is best suited for pin-point erasing, such as revising or updating the characters described in the pocketbook. We have adopted a unique knock mechanism that can be used to carry out 2.5 mm × 5mm stick-shaped ultrafine Plastic Eraser with high accuracy, and a long guide pipe made of good visibility as a mechanical pencil for drafting. The main shaft is made of 5mm thick seamless aluminum, which combines lightness, strength and beauty, and is easy to carry on the cover of a pocketbook.
Although the market size of the pocketbook in the background was temporarily reduced due to the influence of digital tools, in recent years, the comfort and expressive power of the writing are reviewed, and the market size tends to be extended. It is the ” MONO zero metal Type” which won the Good Design Award this year by formulating a development concept that corresponds to new needs even in the Correcting around the pocketbook.
[2017 Good Design award Tombow Pencil Award Products]
■ Award-winning Products: MONO zero METAL type mono-zero metal type
■ Release date: August 3, 2017
■ Retail Price: 600 yen (648 yen with tax)
■ Product Features
High precision knock mechanism Holder Eraser suitable for correcting fine characters described in the pocketbook. A precise knock mechanism with 2.5 mm × 5mm stick-shaped ultra-thin Plastic Eraser at a pitch of 1mm or less. The distal end can be a fine correction to widely bright visibility by adopting a metal long guide pipe . The main shaft adopts a 5mm thick seamless aluminum, anodized, and equipped with lightness, strength and beauty. A stainless steel wide-angle clip on the knock section, easy to insert on the notebook cover.
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Producer Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. Product Planning Dept. Planning 1 Group Watanabe Hiroki
Director of the Product Planning department Creative Design Group Keepsake Kazunori
Designer, Product Planning Department, Creative Design Group, Chihiro Iseki

【 Materials 】 What is the Good design award?
The Good Design Award is sponsored by the Japan Design Promotion Association, which aims to lead our lifestyles, industries and society as a whole, through the selection of “Good design” from the various events that will be developed. A comprehensive design recommendation system.
It was founded in 1957 by the Ministry of Trade and Industry (now METI), and it has been implemented for about 60 years since the “Good Design Product Selection system (aka G Mark System)”. The target spans all areas of design, with approximately 1,200 awards each year and about 44,000 in 60 years. In addition, the “G mark” is allowed to be applied to the design that won the Good Design award. “G Mark” has been playing its role as an indicator of “good design” for more than half a century since its founding.
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2017 Good Design Award ” MONO zero metal Type”

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