Now color, marking pen that became the fine print today is released
36 colors including strawberry red, mint green and fresh new color ” Play Color K “

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playcolork_2playcolork_1Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. (President, Akihiro Ogawa, head office, Kita-ku, Tokyo) will release the new series of water marking pens ” Play Color K ” on March 15.
This product, strawberry red, mint green, in all 36 colors that collected the popular color now to girls and teenagers, such as turquoise blue, the 12 colors of the new color . The pen tip of the twin pen also thinned the narrow core to the line width of 0.3 mm, and the thick core to the line width 0.8 mm to fit the fine print tendency. The “K” at the end of the product name is “K” of “cute color, beautiful line”.
New color: New color in our marking pen
The sales promotion is strengthened according to the release. It is popular with major users ‘ junior high school students, and three other readers models are greeted by the Ambassador (product recommendation) of this product, and tweet the charm of the product directly on Twitter. Publish promotional videos on YouTube. The store enhances sales by introducing a dedicated display featuring an ambassador photo. (Overview below)

The sales form is as follows.
■ Monochromatic roses (all 36 colors): Manufacturer’s MSRP is 108 yen (100 yen per unit price)
■ 6 Color Set A (vivid color), B (pastel color): 648 yen each (main body 600 yen)
■ 12 color set: 1,296 yen (main body 1,200 yen)
■ 24 color set: 2,592 yen (main body 2,400 yen)
■ 36 Color set: 3,888 yen (body price 3,600 yen)
The first-year annual sales plan for this product is 700 million yen (retail price).

Popular color full Play Color K
playcolork_3This product made 12 colors a new color. New color (from left) strawberry red, carrot orange, cherry pink, coral (coral) pink, candy pink, fuchsia (flower color) pink, raspberry, grape, sax (place name) blue, Turquoise (Turkey stone) Blue , Emerald green, mint green. It reflects the delicate sense of color of the girl and high school students by the color of natural material and a natural sense of idiomatic color name.

playcolork_4In addition, the popular pink and blue system was wide in nine colors.
[Pink System] Momoiro, cherry pink, peach pink, coral pink, Sakurairo, candy pink, Princess pink, fuchsia pink, raspberry.
[Blue] turquoise, aqua, green color, Mizuiro, sax blue, French blue, AO, AI, Navy. (From left photo)

The wick is new.
playcolork_5This product is twin tip with two pen nib of thick and thin.
The narrow core adopts a line width of 0.3 mm. 0.3 mm is almost the same line width as a ballpoint pen pen, which the girls and teenagers prefer to use. We have narrowed the width of about 2 dividing lines from our conventional products (0.4 mm). The thick core also employs a line width of 0.8 mm, and it was about 30% thinner than conventional products (1.2 mm).
There is a tendency that the writing line of the Spare Leads and the ballpoint pen chosen by the schoolgirl is thin, and it provided a slim line width which can be written by the Play Color K (fine Core) in the part written with the sharp pen and harmonious.
As the line width has been thinned, the strength of the pen tip of the thick core has been improved. The line width of the beginning to draw is improved by 40 improvement of the written durability compared with our conventional product.

(Other features)
■ Thin core is a polyacetal core that has a long-lasting delicate line width. The thick core has adopted a polyester fiber core that can not be suitable for filling and illustration.
■ Cap was in clear color. It gives the color a fresh glow.
■ Water-based, pigment -based dye ink.
The color name was displayed on the axis of ■ all colors. The color name was also displayed in the case of the set article.

(Product history of “Play Color”)
“Play Color” was launched in 1981 (24 colors), and was the first in the industry as a color marking pen that can use a variety of colors like colored pencils. In 1982, it was a color of 36 colors. In 1994, we improved the twin tip with the two nib of the thick and fine, and the trade name was ” Play Color 2 “, and the eight colors were renewed at the same time, and the 12 colors were renewed in 2005. In March 2016, a new color of 12 colors was added by the release of ” Play Color K “. We have also renewed the nib and cap specifications. (” Play Color 2 ” will continue to be sold concurrently)

Set contents

<Sales Promotion Overview>

We welcomed the popular reader model as the ambassador of Play Color K (product recommendation)


Tweet the charm of Play Color K on Twitter

Promotional video by the reader model
Published on YouTube

The title “Play Color K much prettier more Kawaii”
URL: Https://

At the Stationery store counter
Play Color K heart type display introduced


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