” PIT Power-D”
IF Design Award 2015 award

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20150218_if_1Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. (President, Akihiro Ogawa, head office, Kita-ku, Tokyo) has been awarded the “iF Design Award 2015″ (iF award) in the latest glue tapes ” PIT Power-D”. The iF award was awarded 13 times in Correction Tape a row for the second consecutive year following Plastic Eraser the award of MONO ” MONO -ergo” and “mono-smart” in 2014.
” PIT Power-D” is a refill-type glue tapes glue that strengthened the adhesive power by 20% (our ratio). In addition, the new mechanism “Pitasystem” (the idling mechanism which automatically advances the glue tapes about one millimeter) is installed from the beginning. It is suitable for the seal such as a thick Kraft envelope.
Because it is a commodity that OL is a main user (with respect to the design), I tried to put out the loveliness which does not feel a complex mechanism. As individuals tend to pick and choose the stationery they use at work, the color of the main body is also in the office, and it’s fun to use and colorful. (Chihiro Iseki)
The iF award is one of the world’s prestigious design awards. It has been operated for the purpose of design promotion since 1953 by Germany International Forum design based in Hanover. IF Award, Product design = product designs, communication design = Communication design, package designs = packaging design, interior design = interior Architecture, a professional concept = professional concepts from five fields of excellence to award products and artifacts annually.
In 2015, there were 4,783 entries from 53 countries in the world, and 1,620 points including Tombow Pencil received The glorious if award. In addition, iF Gold Award (iF Gold) was awarded to 75 points from among the winners. (Figures announced by the organizer)

20150218_if_2Product Name: PIT Power-D Release date: June, 2014
Price: 400 yen + tax/cartridge 280 Yen + tax
Designer: Chihiro Iseki/Chihiro
(Works of Creative design section, Tombow Pencil Product Planning Department)


Pit Power D Product information http://www.tombow.com/press/140617/


Award winning http://exhibition.ifdesign.de/winner_en.html?ma_id=738&offset=0#AwardList


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