5-color MONO Plastic Eraser and PIT glues
MONO PIT 100th Anniversary Limited final plan

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Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. (President, Akihiro Ogawa, head office, Kita-ku, Tokyo), as the year of the centennial anniversary of the founding of the company, launched the anniversary limited products in the field of “Write/erase/paste” from the new spring, we have to inform the user thanks to patronage through stationery stores and the like. Thank you for your cooperation.
As the final project to conclude the year of the anniversary, we will launch the “MONO PIT 100th Anniversary Limited” from November 8 by special color of five colors. This project is very popular with the same limited plan released in March of this year, and is intended to develop as a second step in response to enthusiastic requests from the distribution-like.

■ MONO Plastic Eraser 100th Anniversary Limited

The brand name of the Plastic Eraser IS “MONO Plastic Eraser 100 Years Limited”. The sleeve is a special color of five colors: gold, silver, pearl pink, Pearl blue, and Pearl green. In the form of sales, we have prepared a single item and a color pack for this project only. The item is a retail price of 60 yen (63 yen with tax), and the color pack is 300 yen (tax-included price 315 yen) with five boxes. The Plastic Eraser is mono PE-01A (size: 17 × 11 × 43mm/11g).

■ Disappearing PIT Centennial Limited

The product name of the stick glues is “disappearing PIT 100th Anniversary Limited” and the body is a special color of five colors of gold, silver, pearl pink, Pearl blue, and Pearl green. The sales form is prepared separately and the color included pack. The retail price is 100 yen (tax-included price 105 yen), and the color pack is 500 yen (tax-included price 525 yen) with five boxes. The glues is Gone. PIT XS (pt-xsc, Size: 17 × 71mm/12 diameter). In addition, the color of the glues itself is the same as the staple product “Pale blue”, and the color disappears over time.

Both gold and silver are metal color, and the other three colors are shiny pearl specifications.
In addition, the selling price of these 100-year limited color is the same price as a general product.

About the MONO Plastic Eraser >
“MONO Plastic Eraser ” was released in 1969 (Showa 44) of the 56 years since the Tombow Pencil was founded = product at the time of sale =, “erase” is a product that was the opportunity to develop the business area. Two years ago the high-end pencil “MONO100” released in 1967, the Plastic Eraser that was attached as a service product gained popularity, there is a history of this release alone. It is a pioneering product of the plastic Plastic Eraser which became the mainstream after that. Since “MONO” is widely established as a brand of Plastic Eraser , the Plastic Eraser of various applications is released, and the ” Correction Tape ” released in the 1990s from the same brand is also widespread, It keeps being patronized.

Disappearing. About PIT >
In 1971 (Showa 46) of the 58 years since the establishment of Tombow Pencil [Lipstick type solid glues PIT(PIT)] is released = product at the right of the photo release =, [ It is a product that became the opportunity to develop the business area to be put. At that time, the glues had to wait until the hand was sticky and dry, and starch glues was the mainstream. It was the first time for us to develop a new material and create a solid glues that can be used easily and mobile. The product name “PIT” became synonymous with the stick glues because it was applied with a piti. In addition to the “High power” and “Wrinkle-free (art)” type, the spot and amount applied in 1993 can be confirmed in blue, and the “disappearing” type which becomes colorless when pasted is added and released. Moreover, the ” glue tapes ” released From “PIT” brand in 1997 is widely popular and continues to be favored.


■ MONO Plastic Eraser 100th Anniversary Limited ( Plastic Eraser MONO PE01): Body size: 17 × Width 11 × length 43mm/weight 11g
■ The pit PIT 100th Anniversary Limited ( PIT VISIBLE BLUE XS): Body size: 17 × length 71mm/weight

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