Stationery Tips

Knowledge of pencils

Why pencils are used in elementary schools

In the Ministry of Education, we are promoting the transcription of hard general writing to 3 from small to medium, so that we can “write Japanese easily, clearly and efficiently.” In order to do this, we believe that it is most important to remember the correct handwriting in the right way, using the basic techniques such as splashing, stopping and brushed off.
Children in the lower grades are particularly difficult to adjust the pressure and pencils are suitable.
There are reasons, such as sharp, depending on the condition of the core, such as easy to break with the strong pressure of the child.
If you write while turning the pencil (this is what we are doing in the unconscious), the tip is a dull, pointed cone, and the splash, stop, and brushed off can be expressed. The Spare Leads is too thin, and the bamboo becomes a shape like the diagonal cut, and the splash, the stop, and brushed off become unstable.
Moreover, it is said that the pressure becomes strong when people are impatient or tense. At such times, a pencil with a thick core is considered to be good because it is hard to break compared to the Spare Leads , it seems that often pencil is used in the examination hall.

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