Stationery Tips

Knowledge of glue

Names in foreign countries

Glue (glue glues ) in English, solid glues Is called Gluestick (glue stick), liquid glues is Liquidglue (rekitdo glue). For solid glues , Germany is called Klebstoff (clebusschtoof), colle in France (Col), and the Spain Word is Pegamento (Pegament). In China, Serous is referred to as the Glue (Jean). By the way, it is said that the word “Sleepari” which means that it is gooey has changed and became ” glues “.
glues It is often said that the glue and the adhesive do not distinguish adhesive (ADHEBU). The glue means Nikawa.
In a foreign country about ” glue tapes ” by saying the tape-like glues
In English Adhesive Tape., Germany is called Kleberoller, Italy later Cinta Adhesiva, Applicateur de Colle in the France language.

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