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History of oily ballpoint pen

Development as a practical thing is the beginning to have been conceived in Hungary in 1943. In fact, the history of ballpoint pen is only sixty years. In 1944 the following year, the Eversharp Company (U.S.) bought a patent and released something that improved its contents.
It is said that it was introduced by the occupation army United States in 1945 in Japan Country, and it sent out the ballpoint pen that auto company can withstand practical use in 1951. The Tombow Pencil started the launch of ballpoint pen in 1958. Because the trademark of the Tombow was not acquired about the ballpoint pen at the sale time, “Crown Tombow ” was used as a trademark. The part number BC-C of the oily ballpoint pen of the Tombow seems to originate from this crown.
The ballpoint pen and the sharp were invented in the United States as a functional, practical product. At the center of the invention, however, the Japan, the sign pen, neutral and aqueous ballpoint pen pens, and brush pens (including pigment inks) have been released in the Japan. Today, Japan is said to be a developed country of Writing .

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