Marking pens

Ink stains :What to do when stained by water-based marking pens [Play color 2, AB-T]

In the case of skin
It will be eliminated slowly.
Please wash with soap immediately.
It may not eliminated immediately, but it becomes easy to wash repeatedly, and to eliminated by bathing, etc.
In the case of paper
Some stains remain. Especially the black is easy to remain dirty.
If possible, soak it in water.
For clothes
Some stains may remain.
Please ask to the cleaning shop.
Or, please do the following process before the ink dries as much as possible.
(1) Check the material and washing method, and check whether “washable” or “neutral mark” is available.
(2) Dissolve the alkaline detergent or soap and soak it in hot water of about 30 to 40 °c.
(3) Wash and rinse under water and repeat it.
(4) If the stain remains, if the bleach can be used, please soak it in accordance with the method of using the bleaching agent.
Leather case
Does not eliminated.
To avoid spreading the dirt, wipe with squeezed dustcloth.
For trees
(Because the ink is absorbed and dyed) you can not eliminate.
In the case of stone and bricks
(If you have an environment exposed to rainwater outdoors, you can gradually eliminate to some extent.)
Glass, metal, plastic
You can eliminate
Wash with water if possible. Or, please wipe it with squeezed dustcloth.

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