Oil-Based Ballpoint Pens

Mechanical Pencils

Ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil with a beautiful straight line.

Oil-based ink ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil with a beautiful straight line extending from the tip to the end. The refined design presents elegant and sophisticated features in any writing setting.

Product Features

  • Beautiful straight design

    The simple and beautiful straight line extending from the tip to the end and the narrow-ended clip create an impression of sophistication.

  • Luxurious touch

    The weight of brass and the mild texture of beautiful coating makes the writing process a fulfilling experience.

  • Color lineup

    The stylish coloring stands out in many different occasions from informal to formal ones. The lineup of 9 colors now has white, light blue, and lime green. (The mechanical pencil is available in 6 colors)

  • Twisted ballpoint pen

    The ballpoint pen has a twist action mechanism with a dignified feel. Enjoy writing with comfort using this ultra-low-viscosity oil-based ink ballpoint pen with a ultrafine tip.

  • Set packages ideal for simple gifts

    Sold both individually and in a pillow case package for a simple gift. (Only available for ballpoint pens)

    How to refill

  • How to replace the cartridge

    ① Pull out the rear shaft from the main body shaft, turn the black knob and remove the replacement core and the replacement core holder.
    ② Hold the tip of the replacement core and remove it from the replacement core holder.
    ③ Insert the replacement core firmly into the replacement core holder, and put the holder into the main shaft. Fix it by turning the black knob and attach the rear axle back.

    ※ Please use Tombow BR-VLE as the replacement core. The replacement core holder can be used repeatedly. Be careful not to discard it accidentally.

  • Ink cartridge of oil-based ink ballpoint pen

    220 yen (excluding tax 200 yen)
    Ink cartridge BR-VLE33 Ink color: black Ultra-low viscosity ink


  • Oil-based ballpoint pen
  • Mechanical pencil
  • BC-ZLC04

  • BC-ZLC06
    Champagne gold

  • BC-ZLC11

  • BC-ZLC41

  • BC-ZLC64

  • BC-ZLC83

  • BC-ZLC21

  • BC-ZLC43
    Light blue

  • BC-ZLC63
    Lime green

1,980yen (excluding tax 1,800 yen) 0.5mm-diameter ball Ultra-low viscosity ink

  • SH-ZLC04

  • SH-ZLC41

  • SH-ZLC83

  • SH-ZLC21

  • SH-ZLC43
    Light blue

  • SH-ZLC63
    Lime green

1,980yen (excluding tax 1,800 yen) 0.5mm-diameter lead


Precaution for Use

Ballpoint pen
· Avoid writing with the pen tip pointing higher than the end. This may cause the ink to leak.
· Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and high temperature when storing.
· Retract the pen tip when carried or not used. Leaving the pen tip extended when not in use may cause stains on clothing and other materials.
· Keep it out of the reach of small children.
· Do not use it for any other purpose than writing.
· Avoid exposure to high temperature, high humidity, and direct sunlight when storing.
· Refill the pencil with 0.5-mm leads.
· Be careful not to overfill the lead tube when refilling the pencil (recommended amount: up to 5 leads).
Mechanical pencil
· Be careful when handling the pencil as the tip is sharp.
· Keep it out of the reach of small children.
· Do not put the rear barrel, eraser, tip, and other parts in the mouth.
· Do not use it for any other purpose than writing.

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