Correction Tapes

2.5mm wide correction tape for correcting mistakes in notebooks without a mess.

2.5mm wide eraser-sized compact correction tape "MONO note". MONO's high-quality narrow tape and the transparent head enable detailed correction of mistakes in notebooks without a mess.

Product Features

  • 2.5mm wide tape

    This narrow tape allows you to cover small portions between ruled lines, such as part of letters and underlines.

  • Transparent head

    The transparent head allows you to see the parts you want to correct and cover them without going off the ruled lines.

  • Slide head mechanism

    You can extend and retract the head with one hand and start using it immediately. Retract to protect the head when carrying around.

  • Eraser-size

    This compact block-shaped correction tape is easy to store and carry.

  • High-quality tape

    The high-quality tape is hard to be scraped off even with an ultrafine ballpoint pen.


  • CT-YCN2.5

253 yen (excluding tax 230 yen) 2.5mm tape width 4m legnth



  • 2014

    Good Design Award / Good Design Best 100

Precaution for Use

· Avoid exposure to high temperature, high humidity, and direct sunlight when storing.

· Do not press the rewind button while in use.

· The correction tape may peel when rewritten with writing instruments such as mechanical pencils.

· Lines written on the tape may fade depending on the type of ink.

· Copying and printing the paper on which the tape is used may cause paper jams or printing failure.

·The correction tape may not adhere to the paper printed with certain types of copying machines and printers.


· Do not use it for purposes other than correcting mistakes on paper.

· Keep it out of the reach of small children.

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