A black MONO eraser for unnoticeable dirt marks on its body.

The classic MONO eraser is now also available in black.
The color makes the smears on the eraser unnoticeable and allows to spot the cleaning dust easier.
Eraser that keeps the high-quality and reliability of MONO Eraser while staying clean.

Product Features

  • Black eraser

    The color of the eraser makes the smears on the eraser unnoticeable and makes eraser dust more visible on paper.

  • High-performance MONO eraser

    An eraser of the same composition as the classic white MONO eraser. It has the same high erasability and touch.

  • Three-color stripe pattern of silver, white, and black

    The same design as that of the classic MONO eraser but with glossy silver addition for a luxurious touch.

  • Green Tombow products

    50% or more waste paper pulp is contained in the paper sleeve by mass.

    · Conformance to the Act on Promoting Green Purchasing

  • Phthalate Free


  • PE-01AB
    77 yen (excluding tax 70 yen)

  • PE-04AB
    132 yen (excluding tax 120 yen)

Environmental information


Product name Serial number Green Tombow Product Ratio of recycled materials under Eco Mark standard Certified Number of Eco Mark Ratio of recycled materials
under Promoting Green Procurement standard
Posted on the GPN Eco-products Database Main Eco materials
MONO(BLACK) PE-□□AB Over 50% waste paper pulp (sleeve) Waste paper pulp (sleeve)



Precaution for Use

· The eraser and eraser dust may stick to or dissolve on the painted or plastic surfaces.

 · The eraser may blacken the surface of certain types of paper.

· Put the eraser in the sleeve after use.


· Keep it out of the reach of small children.

· Do not use it for purposes other than erasing.

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