It becomes my mark with “Animal dress change Ring”! Limited release
“Stick” pit new logo type introduction commemorative

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Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. (Head office, Kita-ku, Tokyo, President, Akihiro Ogawa), pit stick glues , Pit glue tapes , the lovely and convenient that can be applied to both “animal dressing ring (4 patterns)” = Photo = We will release a limited quantity campaign product with the prize sequentially at stationery stores nationwide from April 1.

The target product with “Animal dressing ring” is the next four products popular with the student in the compact size entering the pen case.

Stick glues [ PIT HI-POWERS] 2 pack 240 yen (including tax 259 yen)
Stick glues [ PIT VISIBLE BLUE S] 2 pack 240 yen (¥ 259 tax incl.)
glue tapes ” PIT Power-C” 1 pack 250 yen (270 yen with tax)
glue tapes ” PiT Retry-C” 1 pack 250 yen (including tax 270 yen)
※ Price is the MSRP/product photo from the left.

Animal dress change ring, Shiba Inu, Panda, cat, four species of popular bear. Put on the body and cap of stick glues to my mark, to stop rolling. It is also useful for preventing caps loss in my mark with glue tapes caps. The ring is made of silicone which is easy to wear and feels soft. It can also be washed with water.
※ Because the animal dressing ring is attached to the product, the kind of the animals cannot be chosen.

The Pit series with “Animal dressing ring” will be sold on the right photo display.
The total number of products with the prize is 80,000 pieces.
※ Set contents of the prize:
PIT HI-POWER (Cat, Bear), PIT VISIBLE BLUE (Shiba Inu, panda), PIT Power-C(Shiba
Dog, panda), Pit retry C (cat, Bear).
Of the two, each one of the ring has been set.

〈 Products with “animal dressing ring” 〉
■ Stick glues ” PIT HI-POWERS”
The envelopes, of course, and paper and cardboard are also strong adhesive tape quickly.
S size capacity: about 10g. Two packs of 240 yen (259 yen including tax).
■ Stick glues ” PIT VISIBLE BLUE S”
Blue ” glues ” disappears when it dries and prevents sticking out.
S size capacity: about 10g. Two packs of 240 yen (259 yen including tax).
■ glue tapes ” PIT Power-C”
strong adhesive tape with a single fill. Envelopes, Wrapping,
It is ideal for scraps and photo-pasting etc.
Tape width 8.4 mm x capacity 7m. Refillable . 250 yen (270 yen tax included).
■ glue tapes ” PiT Retry-C”
The first minute of the start can be re-pasted, and firmly bonded later.
It is ideal for pasting and pasting receipts to notes you want to paste neatly.
Tape width 8.4 mm x capacity 8m. Refillable . 250 yen (270 yen including tax)

The logo design of the PIT was renewed. PIT is a “stick” brand glues that covers a group of products, such as the top share of domestic sticks and a more comfortable use of glue tapes.

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