Shell-Colored Eraser that Erases Easily. Made using Scallop Shells.
MONO Natural Eraser Release

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Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kita-ku, Tokyo, President: Akihiro Ogawa) will release the MONO Natural Eraser on April 25th which is made using biomass (resources derived from living organisms) such as scallop shells.
Available in two sizes, large and small. MONO Natural Eraser suggested retail price 165 JPY (150 JPY excluding tax) and MONO Natural Eraser S suggested retail price 99 JPY (90 JPY excluding tax).

Has obtained the “Biomass Mark” certified by the Japan Organic Resources Association. (mark is shown on the product)

Scallop shell powder is kneaded into the eraser compound material to help remove scum and keep the eraser surface fresh. Each eraser contains more than 10% (by weight) of biomass raw materials such as scallop shells. The color of the eraser material is the color of raw material such as scallop shells.

The erasing performance is the same as the MONO PE series “erasing rate of 95% or more” (measured value), a brand that is synonymous with erasers.

Features a clean and smooth eraser feel. Slightly harder than the MONO PE series with less eraser dust.

Other features
■ No phthalate plasticizers
■ Complies with the Green Purchasing Law – Sleeve made of recycled paper

MONO Natural Eraser (same size as Mono PE-04) 23×11×55mm (photo on the left)
MONO Natural Eraser S (same size as Mono PE-01) 17×11×43mm (photo on the right)




Product name Release date Suggested retail price
MONO Natural Eraser April 25, 2024 165 yen (150 JPY less tax)
MONO Natural Eraser S April 25, 2024 99 yen (90 JPY less tax)

Total sales plan for 2 sizes: 400,000 units per year, approximately 46 million yen (retail price)


The MONO Natural Eraser is the first product to display the self-declared environmental label “Green Tombow” which is based on company internal standards.

10% biomass-derived Material such as scallop shells
* Plastic mass of eraser

Green Tombow URL

“Environmental Labels Database” on the Ministry of the Environment Government of Japan website

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