New Limited Color, “sumire” (violet), added to ZOOM L1 and ZOOM L2 Lineups

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From ZOOM, a contemporary design pen from Japan, a new limited color “sumire” will be added to its “ZOOM L1” and “ZOOM L2” in limited quantities on sale from Saturday, February 17th.
On sale is the cap-type water-based gel ballpoint pen “ZOOM L1 sumire” (black ink/blue black ink/0.5 mm), suggested retail price 4,950 JPY/4,500 JPY excluding tax. A knock-type ultra-low viscosity oil-based ballpoint pen and a knock-type mechanical pencil “ZOOM L2 sumire” (ballpoint pen 0.5 mm/mechanical pencil 0.5 mm), suggested retail price 3,960 JPY/3,600 JPY excluding tax. *To be rolled out store by store, please contact the stores listed on the ZOOM brand site for detailed release dates. (ZOOM dealer: URL: )

* “ZOOM” is a trademark or registered trademark of Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd.

ZOOM L1 sumire
Cap-type pen with a transforming like silhouette
Strong and dignified violet color.

“Sumire” will be in addition to the 6 body colors currently on sale.(Silver, Full Black, Graphite Blue, Matte Blue, Matte Brown, Matte Gray)
A traditional cap-type ballpoint pen characterized by its presence. While there are many cap-type caps from the past, this product uses new materials and has a neo-classic shape.
The exterior is a two-layer body made of DURABIO™ (Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation), a bioengineered plastic that is light and has excellent scratch resistance. By dyeing the transparent body a violet color and topping it with a smoked surface, a silhouette was created that changes from transparent to opaque depending on the lighting and angle, and a rare tone of light violet color that drifts like haze.
Press fit type cap. Made of lightweight aluminum, it does not affect the low center of gravity even when attached to the end of the pen when writing. The crown has a slightly wavy shape that adds to the fun.
■Color: sumire violet
The English name is violet. One of the pale gray tone colors; the color of a violet, a small, adorable flower that heralds the arrival of spring. Although it has a pretty appearance when blooming, it has both a sturdy and dignified strength that peeks out from the cracks in the asphalt. For working adults who survive the times. (Comment from the designer in charge)

* DURABIO™ is a bio-engineered plastic. Along with features such as high transparency and excellent optical properties, it has excellent scratch resistance and impact resistance. it is used in a wide range of fields, including substitute materials for high-performance glass, electronic equipment, automotive housings, and interior/exterior materials.

[Water-based gel ballpoint pen refill 0.5mm/BN-ZKE]
Ballpoint pen refill BN-ZKE is a newly developed product that has been specifically tuned for this product. The ball seat inside the tip has been reduced to 93% compared to our previous model in order to ensure writing lines that have the intonation of a fountain pen. Since the seat is narrow, the ball is not on the seat surface when the writing lowered down, so the amount of ink discharged is increased. For this reason richly expressive writing is made possible by tilting the writing angle or slowing down the writing speed to thicken the writing line. The ink is a highly permeable water-based gel ink and has been tuned so that writing with both strength and beauty can be obtained in a synergistic effect with the tip mechanism. It also dries quickly.

Water-based gel ink ballpoint pen: maximum width 18.3mm/body maximum diameter 13.3mm, grip diameter 10.3mm(at narrowest point), cap diameter 13.3mm (excluding clip)/total length 140.0mm /weight 22.0 g (including refill)


ZOOM L2 sumire
A leather touch pen that you’ll want to hold in your hand.
A pale violet color that blends into your skin color.

“Sumire” will be added to the 6 body colors currently on sale. (Matte Silver, Matte Full Black, Matte White, Matte Blue, Matte Gray, Matte Lavender)
A pen with a new tactile feel that give a gentle touch to your hand. The body feels like carefully tanned leather. The entire body is covered with tactile paint ” NEORABASAN™” (Musashi Paint Co., Ltd.). A soothing pen that you’ll want to keep in hand whether writing or thinking. NEORABASAN™ has excellent hydrolysis resistance.
A triangular body shape for good stability. The knock button stands out when writing, with a top diameter of 4.5 mm. A unique toggle switch-like form, with an inverted conical shape with a base of 3.0 mm.
The new “sumire” color is so pale that is difficult to notice. It blends into your skin color and creates a fantastic atmosphere.
[Ballpoint pen refill 0.5mm/BR-ZKE33]
Ballpoint pen refills BR-ZKE33 is a newly developed product that is especially tuned for this product. To ensure a stable writing line width and smooth and precise writing the ball seat inside the tip was expanded by 102% compared to our conventional products. Because the seat is wide the ball does not come off from the seat regardless of the writing angle; the amount of ink discharged is stable so a constant line width is always maintained. Since oil-based ballpoint pens are versatile, we have tuned them so that the line width does not change depending on how you write, and that the feeling of writing is not impaired.

Ballpoint pen: maximum width 11.8mm/body maximum diameter 10.0mm (excluding clip) x total length 138.8mm (refill retracted), weight 13.7g
Mechanical pencil: maximum width 11.8mm/body maximum diameter 10.0mm (excluding clip) x total length 139.9mm, weight 12.2g



ZOOM L1 / L2 sumire
Additional Limited color
Released on February 17, 2024

ZOOM brand site

The ZOOM brand concept is as follows.

Aesthetics of One

An aesthetic sense that freely incorporates play into the dignity that the Japanese have cultivated.
An attitude that pursues the cutting edge while keeping one’s feet on the ground.
To highlight the intelligence and individuality of an independent adult;
a contemporary design pen from Japan “ZOOM”

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