This Year’s 4 Stationery Brands Collaboration is Natural “Mineral Colors”
We bring healing to learning
“MONO × Campus × Dr.Grip/ HI-TEC-C COLETO Collaboration”

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Stationery brands “MONO” (Tombow Pencil*1), “Campus” (KOKUYO*2), “Dr.Grip” (PILOT CORPORATION*3), and “HI-TEC-C COLETO” (same as *3) will collaborate on “Mineral Colors” in the spring of 2024. From February 14th (Wednesday) 6 collaboration products and 13 separate varieties of products from the four brands will be released simultaneously. This is the second year for this four brand collaboration.
*1: Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. (Head office: Kita-ku, Tokyo, President: Akihiro Ogawa) / *2: KOKUYO Co.,Ltd. (Head office: Osaka City, President: Hidekuni Kuroda) / *3: PILOT CORPORATION (Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Shu Itoh)

This year’s theme colors are “Mineral Colors”; a color lineup based on natural colors that give a sense of healing and peace of mind and brings a sense of calm to the learning environment.

< support learning! Brand Collaboration >
Based on a common desire to comprehensively support learning time, continuing from last year, the collaboration between four brands continues so you can enjoy the same world view across items such as “things to write with (writing instruments), things to write on (notebooks), and things to erase with (erasers, etc.)”.

< This year’s healing and peace of mind mineral colors>
”Mineral Colors” are soothing colors inspired by nature and through stationery give a calming feel. The lineup includes five colors: “Shell Beige”, “Pistachio Green”, “Sheer Purple”, “Sorbet Blue”, and “Apricot Pink”.
Based on natural colors to give a feel of healing and peace of mind.

2024 MONO < Mineral Colors > Limited Release

Shell Beige
pale beige inspired by seashells flowing in the ocean.

Pistachio Green
fresh young leaves like gentle green.

Sheer Purple
mineral inspired transparent purple.

Sorbet Blue
bright light blue reminiscent of ice crystals

Apricot Pink
pink like a fruit exposed to sunlight.

Tombow Pencil Mineral Colors Special Site


Tombow Pencil MONO< Mineral Colors > Products
All types will be released on February 14, 2024 Limited quantity
The colors are shell beige, pistachio green, sheer purple, sorbet blue, apricot pink from left to right.

Limited Edition “MONOGRAPH 0.3/0.5” Mechanical Pencil < Mineral Colors >
Suggested retail price 495JPY (450JPY less tax)
■Drafting style mechanical pencil pipe tip for bright and easy to see precise writing. ■Incorporates “Shake-Knock” mechanism to extend lead. Or you can slide the clip to extend. ■Includes a 5.3mm diameter, 26mm length (useable length 16 mm) rotating eraser holder. ■Lead diameters of 0.3 and 0.5mm.


Limited Edition “MONOGRAPH LITE Mechanical Pencil” (0.5mm) < Mineral Colors >
Suggested retail price 275JPY (250JPY less tax)
■Mono Eraser Equipped. High Precision Mechanical Pencil■Entry model writing instrument of the high-precision Monograph series■Long pipe for a wide field of view. ■Includes a 3.6mm diameter, 30mm length rotating eraser holder. ■Incorporates a high-density, texturized grip to reduce slippage for a firm grip. ■Lead diameters of 0.5mm.


Limited Edition “MONO PE-04” Eraser< Mineral Colors >
Suggested retail price 165JPY (150JPY less tax)
■Cleanly erases pencil and mechanical pencil lines with excellent erasing performance and comfort. ■ Top level eraser performance in Japan (Tombow Pencil study). ■ Phthalate-free.


Limited Edition “MONO one” Holder Eraser < Mineral Colors >
Suggested retail price 231JPY (210JPY less tax)
■Eraser of 6.7 mm in diameter designed for smooth erasing of letters in 7 and 6 mm ruled notebooks. ■The high erasability unique to MONO erasers with increased strength. ■Elastomer grip for a firm grip with light pressure. ■ Phthalate-free.


Limited Edition “”MONO pocket” Correction Tape < Mineral Colors >
Suggested retail price 286JPY (260JPY less tax)
■Square shaped correction tape like the “MONO eraser”. ■MONO quality makes it possible to correct firmly and neatly, and the compact size fits perfectly in a pen case. ■Correction tape adheres to the paper surface, high-quality tape that is hard to scrape off even when overwritten.■ Full head coverage. Dimensions: Width 20mm×thickness 15mm× Overall length 51mm



Tombow Pencil MONO< Mineral Colors > Display Set




[2024 Campus < Mineral Colors > Limited Release]
Campus brand (KOKUYO) will release 6 items in mineral colors.

・Campus Notebook (Limited Pack Notebook) Semi-B5 Size” (Open Price)
・Limited Campus Binder that can be used like a notebook (2×2 rings) B5-S size (671 JPY /610 JPY excluding tax)
・Limited Campus Soft Ring Notebook Semi-B5 size (341 JPY /310 JPY excluding tax)
・Limited Campus Notebook (Dotted Ruled Line) (Half Size) B6 Variant Size (165 JPY/150 JPY excluding tax)
・Limited Campus Peelable Notebook Loose Leaf B5 Size (363 JPY /330 JPY excluding tax)
・Limited Campus Printable 2-hole loose-leaf binder A4 size (869 JPY /790 JPY excluding tax),Same B5 size (792 JPY /720 JPY excluding tax))

* “Campus” is a registered trademark of KOKUYO Co.,Ltd.

★ KOKUYO Mineral Colors Special Site


[2024 Dr.Grip < Mineral Colors > Limited Release]

・Mechanical Pencil “Doctor Grip G Spec < Mineral Colors >” (880 JPY/800 JPY excluding tax)


[2024 HI-TEC-C COLETO < Mineral Colors > Limited Release]

・Multifunctional writing instrument “HI-TEC-C COLETO < Mineral Colors >” (605 JPY /550 JPY excluding tax)

* “Dr. GRIP”, “HI-TEC-C” and “COLETO” are registered trademarks of PILOT CORPORATION.

★ PILOT CORPORATION Mineral Colors Special Site


MONO × Campus × Dr.Grip / HI-TEC-C COLETO Collaboration Mineral Colors



■ Inquiries about “Campus”: KOKUYO Co.,Ltd.
Press: Corporate Communications Office
Tel. 03-3474-6324
Consumers: Customer Service Office


■ Inquiries about “Dr. Grip” and “HI-TEC-C COLETO”:
Press: PILOT CORPORATION: 03-3538-3700 (main)
Consumer: Pilot Corporation Customer Service Center: 0120-281610

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