Tombow to Establish a New, Self-Declared Environmental Label “Green Tombow”
The goal is to clearly present and communicate Tombow’s environmental considerations to customers.

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Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kita-ward, Tokyo; President: Akihiro Ogawa) announced that to demonstrate and communicate environmental considerations more comprehensively, it has established “Green Tombow”, a “self-declared” environmental label type II (ISO14021)” based on Tombow’s own standards and that it will be displayed on products starting January 2024.

We were the first in the industry to apply for the Eco Mark environmental label (Type I (ISO14024)) with third-party certification, and in 1992 we received the first Eco Mark pencil certification. In addition, we have been selling products that comply with the Green Purchasing Law since its inception (2001). In addition, we obtained PEFC-CoC certification, one of the international forest certifications, in 2008 and have labeled it on applicable products.

The self-declared environmental label “Green Tombow” that we are establishing is based on our own standards*. The “Green Tombow” mark will be shown on products that meet these standards along with an explanation of the main environmental considerations. In addition to products, we will also introduce the new label via advertising, etc. The applicable standard is “Self-Declared Environmental Label Type II (ISO14021).”
* In addition to Eco Mark products, forest-certified products, and products that comply with the Green Purchasing Law, “Green Tombow products” are defined as products that meet our own evaluation criteria; to be revised them from time to time to include adding evaluations from new perspectives.

The labeling will begin with new products scheduled for release in 2024, and efforts will be made to expand the number of compliant products. In addition, for existing environmentally friendly products, we plan to take advantage of opportunities to change packaging materials (with production methods that do not create waste) and display the new mark in keeping with Green Tombow Standards.

The design of the “Green Tombow Mark” is based on the motif of “young leaves” sprouting in abundance. We strive to communicate this vision to our customers by presenting products that are friendly to people and nature in an easy-to-understand manner.

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