Tombow Pencil Wins Silver Award at 2022 ACC Awards

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Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 6-10-12 Toshima, Kita-ku, President: Akihiro Ogawa) won the “Silver Award” in the 2022 62nd ACC Awards Radio and Audio Advertising Division.
The award was given to the 40-second radio commercial “Running Pencil” Tombow Pencil aired in December of 2021 (copy is below). At the same time, Ms. Riko Minami, a member of the production staff of “Running Pencil”, won the “Craft Award”, an individual award in the copy category. Advertisers who also won the Silver Award this term were Panasonic, Otsuka Pharmaceutical, and others.
There were a total of 2,553 applications (all categories) for the 2022 ACC Awards of which 348 applications were in the radio/audio advertising category.
The results of this award will be published in the 2022 ACC CM Yearbook (paper version).

2022 ACC Radio/Audio Advertising Category Silver Award
Title Running Pencil
Company Information
Advertiser Tombow Pencil Company
Advertising company Hakuhodo DY Media Partners
Production company Nippon Cultural Broadcasting
Production Staff
Producer Kenmoku Yukinobu
Director Riko Minami
Copywriter Riko Minami
Mixer Yuji Uehara
Sound effects Yuji Uehara
Sound effects Riko Minami
Planner Kazuya Takahashi
Narrator Saki Furusato

ACC Award URL:

Since 2017, Tombow has sponsored a special program to support students preparing for entrance exams, and continues to send messages of support to students who are devoted to studying, saying, “You are not alone.” We are very honored that the message of support and support for “Running Pencil”, which was produced in conjunction with this program, was recognized at the ACC Award, the peak of the advertising world.


Radio CM “Running Pencil” 40 seconds broadcast in December 2021

SE Sound of a pencil writing

The writing distance that can be written with one HB pencil is about 50km. A pencil writes a longer distance than a marathon runner!

SE Cheering sound along the road (Applause, “Do your best!”)

Right now we’re at the 35km point, the hardest part of a marathon, where you really need to tough it out.

SE Announcer commentary fades in…
(…We’re approaching the 35km point soon. He wants to sprint but looks in pain…)

Tombow Pencil will always keep running with you to the goal.

SE Announcer’s commentary fades in… (…Finally they’re entering the stadium!…)
SE Cheers of the stadium crowd (here after background level)

The power to move forward is the power to unlock the future. Tombow Pencil supports students taking exams to unlock their future.

▼Award-winning audio

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