“TABEKKO DOUBUTSU” becomes a “ Kisekae Ring”!
Pit glue with bonus “Kisekae Ring” July 15th Limited Edition!

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A limited edition project “Kisekae Ring” that makes Pit glue cute and easy to use.New character will be on sale for the first time in two years starting July 15th* at stationery stores and spaces nationwide. Bonus is included with 4 types of “Pit S” glue sticks and “Pit Air Mini Refill Type” tape glue.
* To be introduced gradually to stores. Please contact your local stationery store for release date information.

The Ginbis Co., Ltd.’s long-selling biscuit confectionery “TABEKKO DOUBUTSU” character has become a Kisekae Ring. Enjoy four characters “Lion” (yellow), “Hippo” (red), “Elephant” (blue) and “Rabbit” (white) Kisekae Rings. A three-dimensional character that is cute to look at and lots of fun to use.

The “Tabekko Doubutsu Kisekae Ring” is a set of 4 types of glue stick “Pit S” for 264 yen /240 yen (excluding tax) and the glue tape “Pit Air Mini Refill Type” 319 yen / 290 yen (excluding tax). Each includes a bonus “extra”.

■ What is a “Kisekae Ring”?
The “TABEKKO DOUBUTSU Kisekae Ring” is made of soft silicone which provides an elastic and lush feel. Fits perfectly to the “Pit S” size glue stick. When attached to the cap glue sticks are easier to use, less prone to rolling, easier to open and more individualized.
Also serves as a cute desk stand for the “Pit Air” refillable glue tape. Further adds a sense of happiness. On the desk top the TABEKKO DOUBUTSUs are always smiling.


■ What is a “TABEKKO DOUBUTSU” ?
“TABEKKO DOUBUTSU” is lightly baked biscuits from Ginbis. Delicious tasting and fun biscuits. Learn by eating.
The “TABEKKO DOUBUTSU” characters are for all generations; always a topic on Twitter and Instagram. Our work with food, daily necessities, clothing, toys, etc. manufacturers have been very well received. This time around we have created Kisekae Rings for Pit glues.


■”TABEKKO DOUBUTSU” Characters Visit Tombow Headquarters!
To commemorate the release of the bonus Pit “TABEKKO DOUBUTSU Kisekae Ring” the TABEKKO DOUBUTSU character visited the Tombow Pencil Headquarters.Business cards were exchanged with Tombow employees and a planning meeting was held. After which a commemorative photo was taken and a jumbo Pit glue stick joined in! Finally everyone enjoyed playing on the lawn in front the head office.

Pit glue with “TABEKKO DOUBUTSU Kisekae Ring” Overview
Sold by: Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. (Headquarters, Kita-ku, Tokyo)
Character copyright source Ginbis Co., Ltd. (Headquarters, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
Release date July 15, 2022 [Limited quantity]

8 types of products x 4 types of characters


It will lead you to “paste” as you wish.

Quick and strong adhesive for the best results ! Pit High Power”
The standard stick glue. A powerful high-power glue that strongly bond envelopes, drawing paper and thick paper. Choose from three sizes: S, N, and G.


Blue Strong glue stick  KIEIRO PiT”
See at a glance in blue where applied. No uneven coating or over application. Reliable, clean and economical. Rest assured the blue color will disappear once dry. 5 sizes of XS, S, N, G, and pen type.


New Color  “KIEIRO PiT” Neon Yellow
See at a glance in neon yellow where applied. Reliable, clean and economical with no uneven coating or over application. Rest assured that the color neon yellow will disappear once dry. Three S size body colors.


Glue stick that dries without paper wrinkles  “SHIWANASHI PiT”
Alcohol component reduces moisture reducing paper wrinkles. Can be repositioned immediately after application. 3 sizes of S, N and G.


Easy Application  “Pit Air Mini Refillable”
Equipped with a unique “Air Touch System”. Application effort is surprisingly lightly from beginning to end. Economical refillable type. Uses “Power Net Tape” with strong adhesive strength and good adhesiveness.



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