Introducing a precision writing slender tip ballpoint pen
“Monograph Lite” 0.38 mm & 0.5 mm
Wide field of view around the pen tip. Light and smooth writing like never before.

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Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kita-ku, Tokyo; President: Akihiro Ogawa) announced a 5.2mm needle tip pen with a wide view around the pen tip for precise writing. The knock-type ultra-low viscosity ballpoint pen “Monograph Lite” (brand name) will be released on March 4th (Thursday) at stationery stores and mass retailers nationwide.

Product features: (1) Needle length is the longest in the industry (based on internal data), visibility around the pen tip is wide, ideal for precision writing, (2) writing frictional resistance is about 10% compared to our current products, the industry standard is about 20% (compared to conventional low-viscosity oil-based ballpoint pens/based on internal data), it is an epoch-making oil-based ballpoint pen that has never been seen before in that it can write smoothly. This is the first time for us to develop and sell a needle tip ballpoint pen.

Ball diameters: 0.38mm and 0.5mm. Ink colors: black, red, and blue. Barrel available in 5 colors (for black ink only). Suggested retail price is 198JPY (180JPY excluding tax). This price is in line with our first knock-type ballpoint pens, aiming to popularize it as a standard product.

Industry’s longest long needle tip ideal for precision writing
When knocked, the pen tip is exposed by 5.2 mm from the tip of the body.This length is 30% longer than our current product (cone type) and is the longest in the industry (based on internal data).Slim (1.2 mm in diameter) long needle tip creates a bright and wide area around the pen tip for precise writing and more information in limited spaces such as a notebooks or schedule books. It also meets the needs of his users who prefer fine print.

Left:our current product/Conventional cone type
Right:Monograph Lite/needle tip


Friction resistance is about 20% lower than the industry standard, for a light and smooth writing feel
Mono graph Lite writing friction resistance is about 10% lower than our current products and about 20% lower than the industry standard, so you can write lightly and smoothly.
Most ultra-low viscosity oil-based ballpoint pens have a built-in spring in the tip to press the ball from behind when not writing, but the Mono graph Lite utilizes a spring-less design with the ball seat inside the tip. We have developed a new technology that makes the surface (figure) closer to a spherical shape (patent pending).As a result, the frictional resistance experienced during writing is dramatically reduced, making it possible to write lightly and smoothly with unprecedented feel.


Ultra-low viscosity oil-based ink flowSmooth movement of the writing ball


Uses silky ultra-low viscosity lubricating oil-based ink
The ink used is ultra-low-viscosity lubricating oil-based ink with a smooth and smooth writing feel.Combined with the newly designed spring-less tip mentioned above, smoothness exceeds the industry standard.In addition, the amount of ink adhering to the paper surface during writing has been reduced to about 1/2 compared to our current products, and to about 1/3 that of conventional low-viscosity ballpoint pens (0.5 mm). Based on internal data).


Durable machined needle tip
Unlike the needle tip made from multiple parts, the needle tip of this product is a machined from a single piece, so the strength of the tip is superior to conventional tips with hard to bend (break resistance) characteristics.It can be used in the same way as a general cone tip and write on copy carbon paper.


Utilizes high density texturized grip
Uses a 33 mm long high-density texturized grip that fits your fingertips, reducing slippage for a firm grip even with light force.In addition, it suppresses the stickiness of body oils and provides a dry and comfortable grip.

Black ink barrel is available in 5 colors; Mono tri-color, silver, light blue, lime, and pink; red ink barrel is Mono tri-color with a red knock button, and blue ink is a Mono tri-color with a blue knock button.


Precision writing Mono graph Series
In the spring of 2014, we released the precision writing mechanical pencil “Monograph” (385JPY) with an extended tip for drafting, which has been well received. This shows that writing tends to be highly accurate, especially in notebooks and schedule books.
Similarly, the ballpoint pen “Monograph Lite” to be released this time meets the needs for precise writing with a stretched pen tip (needle tip) and ultra-low viscosity lubricating ink.

mechanical pencil “Mono graph”


The annual sales plan for this product is a domestic quantity of 2 million units and an amount of 360 million JPY (retail price).

● Replacement refill
[0.38mm ball] Ink color (black) BR-KNU33 / (blue) BR-KNU15 / (red) BR-KNU25
110JPY (100JPY excluding tax)

[0.5mm ball] Ink color (black) BR-KNE33 / (blue) BR-KNE15 / (red) BR-KNE25
110JPY (100JPY excluding tax)


Black ink : Mono tri-color, silver, light blue, lime, and pink
red ink : Mono tri-color , and blue ink :Mono tri-color


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