Surprisingly light to use and compact.
Economical for frequent use, refillable type Introducing the “Pit Air Mini Refillable” Glue Tape

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Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kita-ku, Tokyo, President: Akihiro Ogawa) announced a palm sized compact version of “Pit Air” glue tape (released in May 2019) the “Pit Air Mini Refillable” (brand name) featuring the “Air Touch System” for surprisingly easy use, will be released on March 11th (Thursday) at stationery stores and mass retailers nationwide.

Easy to refill simple design

The tape is 6 mm wide and 11 meters in length. Suggested retail price is 319JPY (290JPY yen excluding tax) , refill tape is 231JPY (210JPY excluding tax). Available in 6 body colors: standard, blue, pink, green pink (limited edition), purple pink (limited edition), and blue pink (limited edition).

standard, blue, pink, green pink (limited edition), purple pink (limited edition), and blue pink (limited edition).

This product is sized to fit in a pen case while keeping the light touch and quiet operation of the “Pit Air”. Typically refillable products are bulky, but by rethinking the mechanism design the size has been reduced to just 35mm(H) x 79mm(L) x 21mm(W). The more you use, the more economical it is and the more it helps to save resources.Annual sales plan (domestic) is 760,000 units for the applicator and 200,000 units for the refill.


“Pit Air Mini Refillable” featuring the Air Touch System for a surprisingly light touch to the end of the tape.
The force required to apply the tape has been reduced by 56% with 11m of tape remaining and 45% with 2m of tape remaining. (Compared to our conventional products). This is because it incorporates our proprietary tape control mechanism, the “Air Touch System”.When the tape head touches the paper surface, the mechanism unlocks the tape; when the head lifts off from the paper surface the tape lock is engaged to improve the glue film cut.For this reason the force required to apply tape is greatly reduced and made smoother. The design of the Air Touch System incorporated into this product has been patented.


Features “Power Net Tape” our proprietary mesh pattern tape with excellent, highly reliable flat and curved surfaces adhesive strength.
Strong adhesive strength and great glue film cut. A unique combination of adhesive strength(*1) excellent for both flat surface adhesive strength(*1) such as gluing printouts in notebooks and curved sufaces adhesive strength(*2) such as gluing the flaps of full envelopes securely for a long time. (Patent pending).Curved surfaces adhesive strength is about 5 times that of our conventional products; and the strongest when compared to similar products of other brands. Increased reliability of sealing with tape glue.
(*1) Flat surface adhesive strength measures the force required to peel apart two sheets of paper that have been glued together.
(*2) For curved surface adhesive strength, two sheets of paper that have been glued together are wrapped around a cylinder; then the sheets are peeled apart measuring the peeled distance (due to the repulsive force of the paper) vs. time.

Power Net tape pattern


Quiet design that can even be used in a library
The ticking noise of conventional glue tapes has been reduced by half (compared to our conventional products).Made possible by incorporating a mechanism that reduces noise generation from parts such as the anti-reverse rotation drive. (patent pending). Suitable for use in quiet places such as libraries, classrooms, and lectures.

Full Cowl Head Cover
Applicator incorporates a rotary “full cowl head cover” that encloses the entire head.A carefully designed cover that prevents dust from entering when carrying. Does not get in the way when in use.Integrated into the main body so there’s no need to worry about losing it.


Air Fit Head
When applying the tape, we adopted a flexible “air fit head” that corrects the angle so that the head stays level with the paper surface even if the applicator tilts. Anyone can glue uniformly and evenly.

■ ACID FREE: Uses a material designed to prevent discoloration due to oxidation of both the glue and the glued materials.
■ Eco Mark certified products, Green Purchasing Law compliant product (applicator only), GPN eco Products Net listed product (applicator only)


standard, blue, pink, green pink (limited edition), purple pink (limited edition), and blue pink (limited edition).


“Pit Air” Glue Tape Series


Glue Tape “Pit Air” series Web Campaign
“New product launch; commemorative Pit Air Campaign” Answer the applicable keywords in the video; a total of 2021 winners will be choosen.

To commemorate the release of the “Pit Air Mini Refillable”, Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. will hold an open-style “Pit Air Campaign” for a period of 2 months from Friday, February 26th to Monday, April 26th that anyone can participate in from the internet.

Prizes: Electric bicycle (3 winners), carbonation machine(9 winners) and air purifier (9 winners).In addition, as a double chance, you can also win a set of 2 new Pit Air Mini glue tapes designed exclusively for this campaign. Total of 2021 winners.


Light touch course: 3 winners
Panasonic electric bicycle SW (Matte Cloudy Gray)
+ Pit original “eco bag”


Strong adhesive course: 9 winners
Carbonation machine SodaStream Split Starter Kit (White)
+ Pit original “Pair glass”

Quiet course: 9 winners
Air purifier Sharp with “Plasmacluster 7000” FU-N50 (white)
+ Pit original “Imabari towel”


In addition, Double chance: 2000 winners
You can also win a set of 2 new limited-edition Pit Air Mini (refillable type)

(Prizes shipped to winners in lieu of an announcement)


From April 1st a campaign will be held to win a Pit original towel by posting a photo of Pit Air on Twitter.

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