Clear and Pastel Personal Colors Added to Lineup of MONO AIR Refillable Type Correction Tape
Popular for Low Application Effort and Economic Efficiency to the End

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Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Kita-ku, Tokyo; President: Akihiro Ogawa) is pleased to announce that, thanks to robust sales owing to the expansion of learning and working environments, it will be adding to the lineup of its MONO AIR refillable type correction tape, which is surprisingly light and easy to erase to the end. The company will add six new patterns with personal colors for the product body, for release at stationery stores and other retailers nationwide starting February 12.

The three new body colors in the clear color type will be black (a), blue (b), and pink (c), all featuring the cool mechanics of the open-skeleton Air Touch System.*1 For the pastel color type, the three new colors are cherry blossom (d), mint (e), and lavender (f). The pastel colors and crystal body give it a fancy feel, and the gradation fade on the label lets you see the amount of tape remaining.
The new colors of the MONO AIR refillable type are available in 10 m rolls of 5 mm in width*2 for a suggested retail price of 330 yen with tax (300 yen without tax). Refill cartridges of 10 m rolls are also available for a suggested retail price of 198 yen with tax (180 yen without tax).
*2 The available standard version and color versions of the same product come in tape widths of 4.2 mm, 5 mm, and 6 mm.

What makes this product distinct is its comfortable tape application effort, surprisingly light and easy to erase to the end. The built-in Air Touch System, which controls tape application, reduces the tape pull output by 61% (compared to the company’s conventional product; when using 10 m tape), allowing for stress-free correction. Even with only two meters of tape remaining, the pull output is reduced by 58% over the heavy conventional product (compared to the company’s conventional product).
Also, being refillable makes it an economical product. Users can save 12% on consumables cost by the third refill, 18.4% by the fifth, and 23.2% by the tenth (compared with the company’s disposable type Mono Air (250 yen)).


*1 What is “Air Touch System”?
The “Air Touch System” is a proprietary mechanism that controls the tape application using the force that presses and releases the correction head against the paper. It switches to “run” when in use and “stop” when not in use.

(1)light force of the correction head on the paper moves the arm to unlock the supply reel.
(2) When the head is released from the paper, the arm returns and the supply reel is locked, and tape stops running.

The product’s novelty comes from the Air Touch system, which uses a drive mechanism that satisfyingly resolves the technical usability conflict between easy application (light pull output) and preventing tape slackness (heavy pull output).

Other features of ” MONO AIR Refillable “
■ Quick and easy tape replacement
Simply slide the lock button to open the applicator body, then replace the cartridge.

■ Refillable yet compact
The compact body measures 34 mm × 85 mm (at its largest point) and is 22 mm thick. It will fit neatly in your desk drawer.

■ 10 m tape rolls
Despite its small size, it uses a long-lasting 10 m roll. It’s a refillable, vertical-pull product.

■ Quiet design
Made for use in offices and libraries, it’s soundless to use thanks to its quiet design.

■ Applicator head stabilization
Even when moved with light force, it corrects for shaking and reduces wavering of tape. Even first-time users can correct their writing comfortably.

■Easy open head cover
Easy to open head cover keeps tape clean when not in use. One hand operation.

■High adhesion tape
Correction tape adheres to the paper surface even with light force and resists cutting even when over written.



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