Back By Popular Demand, Additional Shipments of the Much-Discussed Limited-Edition Smoky Color Series
Mechanical pencils, erasers, glue sticks, and now even correction tape

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Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Kita-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Akihiro Ogawa) released the Limited-Edition Smoky Color Series of color-coordinated mechanical pencils, erasers, and glue sticks on June, which sold out due to its popularity. Its popularity has only continued to grow since.
In response to popular demand, the company will be releasing additional shipments of its Limited-Edition Smoky Color Series. These products will be rolled out sequentially at stationery stores and the stationery sections of major retailers nationwide from December 3. With the addition of MONO CC correction tape, these new shipments will now include four different stationery products in smoky colors. All of these are limited-edition goods as well.

Limited-Edition Smoky Color Series

all prices tax exclusive

The five-color lineup includes Smoky White, Smoky Brown, Smoky Pink, Smoky Purple, and Smoky Mint (from left in the color chart).

The Smoky Colors have a fresh yet understated tone, as if covered with a veil of grey. These trendy, sophisticated shades have been attracting attention recently, and are widely used in fashion and interior notions. The lineup consists of five coordinated, harmonious colors.


MONO graph Limited-Edition Smoky Colors
A mechanical pencil with a twist-type 26-mm (usable length: 16-mm) MONO eraser attached at the top. This highly dependable and popular mechanical pencil allows you to write and erase, then erase and write over. It is a traditional mechanical pencil, suited for both studying and work, with features like the Shake Mechanism, which advances the lead by shaking the pencil back and forth, and an advanced pipe-style pen tip for precise writing and drawing.
The 0.5 mm version is available in five body colors. The body is 10 mm in diameter and 147 mm in total length, and it weighs 17 g. The suggested retail prices are ¥350 (¥385 with tax) for the pencil and ¥100 (¥110 with tax) for replacement erasers (pack of three).

MONO eraser Limited-Edition Smoky Colors
This widely beloved and depended eraser has a symbol-like status. Now available in rare variations with tricolor stripes. Create a more sophisticated living space with coordinated mechanical pencils,correction tapes and glue sticks.
It is 23 mm wide, 11 mm thick, and 55 mm in total length, and it weighs 19 g. The suggested retail price is ¥100 (¥110 with tax).

PiT High-Power S Limited-Edition Smoky Colors
Fast-drying, strong, adhesive! PiT is the standard for glue sticks. This high-power glue stick can be used for various materials, including envelopes, drawing paper, and cardboard. Its affordability is also part of its appeal.
It is 20 mm in diameter and 87 mm long, and it weighs 20 g. It contains about 10 g of glue. The suggested retail price is ¥120 (¥132 with tax).

MONO CC Limited-Edition Smoky Colors 
This easy-to-use correction tape comes in a coordinated compact size, and is also portable and disposable. The tape-stabilizing pivoting head facilitates good contact between the tape and the paper. It is thick enough to hold easily and the wide body ensures stability. Despite its compact size, it comes with a substantial 6-meter long tape roll. Tape: 5 mm width × 6 m length.
Size: 27 mm width × 17 mm depth × 73 mm height / Weight: 11 g. Suggested retail price: ¥200 (¥220 with tax).

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